Central Pattana celebrates Pride Month 2023, joining hands with partners to launch THAILAND'S PRIDE CELEBRATION 2023 – ‘PRIDE FOR ALL’, creating global festive landmark everyone should visit and helping spur Thailand’s economy and tourism in Q2

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  • Putting forward Thailand’s Pride Celebration as the top Pride destination for LGBTQIAN+ around the world, comparable to NYC Pride in New York; EuroPride 2019 & Pride Week in Vienna, Austria; Tokyo Rainbow Pride in Japan; and Taiwan LGBT Pride.
  • Moving forward the ‘Rainbow Economy’ to welcome upcoming purchasing power of the community, responding to the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration’s ‘Good Economy’ policy to establish a creative economy.
  • Discovering three highlights under the concept of ‘Pride for All’, creating a grand celebration led by Bangkok Pride 2023, with the largest flag waving in the country, Pride Fashion Parade by Muse by Metinee, Pride Talk with UNDP and celebrities, Pride exhibition from popular artist: ‘Teayii’ Prapatsorn Kanchanasut, and collectible items from well-known brands throughout June at Central shopping centers nationwide. This is to highlight a company of diversity and equality that provides a creative space for everyone in society.




Bangkok: Central Pattana plc, Thailand’s leading real estate developer and operator of Central shopping centers nationwide, is joining hands with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Thailand, partners from the government and private sectors led by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, Galderma Thailand, Muse by Metinee, Bangkok PRIDE and Tiffany's Show Pattaya Co., Ltd. to continue to spur the economy and Thai tourism in the second quarter by announcing the great celebration of Thailand’s Pride festival in THAILAND’S PRIDE CELEBRATION 2023 under the concept of ‘PRIDE FOR ALL’ from 1-30 June 2023. Celebrate Pride month together at Central shopping centers nationwide. Central Pattana aims to elevate Thailand to become one of the world’s best Pride destinations for the celebration of equality for LGBTQIAN+ people from around the world, creating a global impact to highlight that we are an organization of diversity that provides a creative space for everyone in our society under the vision of 'Imagining Better Futures for All'; we strive to create great things for a sustainable future for all. 




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Dr. Nattakit Tangpoonsinthana, Executive Vice President of Marketing for Central Pattana plc, said:Central Pattana is ready to spearhead gathering forces with partners from all sectors to jointly put forward Thailand's Pride Month celebrations as the top Pride Destination for people from around the world. We aim for Thailand to be the first nation in Asia to host World Pride 2028 to help stimulate the country's economy in the second quarter and attract tourists from all over the world with three key concepts as follows:

1. Creating a Global Impact – Elevating Thailand Pride as a global destination with great partnerships from global partners and leading partners in the public-private sector to organize large Pride Festival celebrations through Central shopping centers nationwide. Global destination – highlighting Thailand as one of the landmarks for celebrations that people around the world are eager to visit, comparable to NYC Pride in New York; EuroPride 2019 & Pride Week in Vienna, Austria; Tokyo Rainbow Pride in Japan; and Taiwan LGBT Pride, as Thailand is open to differences and diversity. Creating Global awareness through Tourist Platforms worldwide similar to what we have achieved from our New Year countdown event and Songkran Festival.

2. Catching the trend of the ‘rainbow economy’ – with high purchasing power

  • Responding to the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration’s ‘Good Economy’ policy to establish a creative economy, stimulate the country's economy and upgrade Thailand's Pride festival as a destination for tourists from around the world.
  • Two priority target groups: 1) LGBTQIAN+, with high purchasing power as an important market in the ‘genderless era’; this is a group that has a higher proportion of spending on goods and travel than other groups. The majority of those in this group are high-level executives with high income and good taste as they generate huge amounts of money in industries such as tourism, movies, music, entertainment as well as the medical industry. According to the data, there are currently 486 million LGBTQIAN+ people around the world, 288 million of these are in Asia and 4 million are Thai people. Their average income is 50,000-85,000 baht per person. 2) Gen Z, who are open and support equality, and place importance on brand value.
  • Well-known Global & Local brands launching Collectible items for Pride Month such as for foodies: Daisen’s Rainbow Sushi, festival special Guss Damn Good ice cream (centralwOrld and Central Ladprao), for fashionistas: Adidas, Calvin Klein, CASETiFY; ‘Pride Collection’, Comma And; the latest multi-brand concept store at centralwOrld, CPS CHAPS, Guess, LEGO, Nike etc.

3. Pride Highlights for all Generations at Central shopping centers nationwide.

Creating a nationwide PRIDE sensation throughout June 2023 and making Central Shopping Centers a trend setter in every province, with special highlights such as:

  • The Biggest Pride Parade – waving rainbow flags in eight branches nationwide for example; centralwOrld is holding two large events: Pride Fashion Parade from Muse by Metinee by Lukkade Metinee Kingpayom, with more than 500 popular artists and students, and Bangkok Pride 2023, which centralwOrld is co-hosting with the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration in addition to Naruemit Pride, the largest rainbow flag parade in Thailand (144.8 meters), where centralwOrld is the final destination of the celebration parade. Central Pattaya and Central Marina are holding Pattaya International Pride Festival 2023, with an amazing Pride Parade along Pattaya Beach, Central Phuket Pride For All is where you can enjoy the first and largest Pride Parade in the South, with a fashion show in collaboration with Simon Cabaret. Enjoy the fun parades at other branches such as Central Khon Kaen, Central Ubon, Central Udon and Central Samui.
  • Pride Happening – discover Pride Talk with UNDP, listen to discussions from key persons in the LGBTQIAN+ community and get inspired at centralwOrld, Central Pattaya, Central Phuket, Central Udon, Central Khon Kaen, Central Chiangmai, Central Chonburi. Enjoy Pride Competitions such as Miss International Queen with national costumes at centralwOrld, visit Pride Markets such as Spicydisc, joins hands with centralwOrld and ZaapWorld holding Tinder Presents ‘Single Market’ – Made with PRIDE from 1-4 June 2023 and have fun in Pride Concerts from popular artists at centralwOrld, Central Pattaya, Central Phuket, Central and Central Chonburi.
  • Pride Vibe – experience an art installation from popular artist: ‘Teayii’ Prapatsorn Kanchanasut with her work: ‘Seat a Pride’ throughout two full months at centralwOrld (June-July 2023) and at Central Chonburi under the art concept of ‘Mirror Mirror: Reflect Yourself’ and be sure to visit Pride Photo landmarks at Central shopping centers nationwide.     



Participate in special activities from Galderma (Thailand), the world's largest beauty innovation leader, launching a special activity that invites people to show their look in the ‘This is my look’ challenge. The lucky winner will receive a beauty package worth more than 1 million baht from five leading beauty clinics: V Square Clinic, Nitipon Clinic, The Klinique, SLC Clinic and KKC Clinic. Join the challenge on  the Central Pattana Facebook page/TikTok and watch great parades at centralwOrld, Central Pattaya , Central Marina, Central Phuket, Central Ubon and Central Udon. Everyone deserves to feel confident and believe in themselves – that they can look good and be charming regardless of gender or race, helping increase the happiness and satisfaction of being free to be yourself.

Get ready to experience the sensational rainbow landmarks in Thailand’s Pride Celebration 2023 – ‘Pride For All’ throughout June 2023 at Central shopping centers nationwide.



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