The Forestias Gets Great Response to “The Awakening Forestias 2023: The Carnival of Magic” Reinforcing Its Status as a “Happiness Destination”

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The Forestias by MQDC is thrilled by the response to its Halloween event, which drew capacity crowds under the forest district’s commitment to delight families at all the year’s big festivals. A spooktacular setting and atmosphere welcomed attendees to “The Awakening Forestias 2023: The Carnival of Magic” for 5 days of joy and fun with parades, live music, and games. The Forestias is already preparing a spectacular year-end celebration in December.

Mr. Kittiphun Ouiyamaphun, President of MQDC and Project Director of The Forestias, said: “MQDC is committed to developing The Forestias as a new global model for urban development. Each detail is carefully designed and created for happy, healthy living. We’re thrilled that our commitment and determination are now being realized. We continue to make great progress and we’ve had a wonderful response. Celebrations for various festivals are part of creating a place that will provide fun and happiness, helping families spend quality time together and reinforcing The Forestias as a ‘Happiness Destination’.”

“The Awakening Forestias 2023: The Carnival of Magic” is the latest festival at The Forestias in October under its vision of sustainable happiness, letting families enjoy the fun of Halloween in an inspiring green space. The Forestias thanks everyone for the great response. We’re already preparing for Christmas, another important occasion to bring happiness when we expect another fabulous response,” he said.

“The Awakening Forestias 2023: The Carnival of Magic” attracted capacity crowds. Residents and the public were thrilled by the Halloween parade. Participants wore Halloween costumes and enjoyed games such as Hoop Shot, High Striker, Bowling Game, and Don't Wake the Spider. The Humming Birds Live Band performed and the Witch's Caldron Alley served Halloween-themed food and snacks throughout the event.

Special shows included the Magician Show, Hula Hooper Show, and Bubble Show. A spectacular Carnival Magic Finale procession ended each day’s celebration, sending everyone home with a smiles and warm memories for 5 days during 27-31 October.

The Forestias is a forest district on Bangna Road combining homes with malls, offices, entertainment venues, a healthcare center, and a 4.8-hectare forest.

The Forestias hosts events to celebrate all the year’s big festivals such as Songkran, Halloween, Christmas, and New Year to be a “Happiness Destination” for every generation.
You can stay updated to join the joy and fun of the next festival at The Forestias at MQDC Facebook or add LINE: @MQDC.



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