Central Pattana unveils super successful coffee event of year: ‘Thailand Coffee Hub 2023 – centralwOrld’ with overwhelming feedback – preparing to continue with coffee events nationwide in 2024, aiming to support Thai coffee industry to emerge at global level

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Bangkok – ‘Thailand Coffee Hub 2023 – centralwOrld’ held by Central Pattana plc in October 2023 was a very successful event as the largest coffee festival in the heart of the city. The event welcomed more than 350,000 visitors throughout a period of seven days and generated no less than 20 million baht in cash flow. As Thailand’s coffee event of the year, which received great feedback from coffee-related entrepreneurs and coffee fans nationwide, the event included more than 150 well-known Thai and international brands and due to overwhelming feedback, Central Pattana has announced plans for more coffee events in 2024 at Central shopping centers in all regions to allow sufficient time for interested parties to make reservations to take part in the event. North, at Central Nakhon Sawan (28 February to 3 March 2024), East, at Central Pattaya (3-8 April 2024), Northeast, at Central Khonkaen (5-9 June 2024), South, at Central Hatyai (28 August to 1 September 2024) and finally, the Central region, at centralwOrld (2-8 October 2024). This is to fulfil our goal to create a ‘Coffee Hub’ to help strengthen coffee entrepreneurs and meet the needs of consumers nationwide.

Dr. Nattakit Tangpoonsinthana, Chief Marketing Officer for Central Pattana plc, said: Thailand Coffee Hub 2023 followed Central Pattana’s brand purpose, which is committed to creating ‘Coffee Hubs’ in every region as a backbone that gathers together gems of the coffee industry in each area in order to create a strong ecosystem. In addition to coffee farmers, we have expanded to other industries such as tea, cocoa, chocolate, fruit juice, bakery products and more in order to grow side-by-side and achieve further sustainability. We are working together with the Specialty Coffee Association of Thailand (SCATH and coordinating with agencies in various provinces including the related Chambers of Commerce and associations. The environment, community, people and society play important roles in the way we support Thai coffee and put forward ‘Local to Global’ to ensure that good quality Thai coffee from each community becomes well-known throughout the world.”

The previous Thailand Coffee Hub event gathered outstanding cafés from each region: our coffee event at Central Chanthaburi included more than 20 popular brands of specialty coffee in the region such as Sila Roasters, Rosetta Coffee Roaster, Sunset Coffee Roasters, and Summer Please while Central Hatyai brought together the ‘Best Brew of the South’ in one event such as Cuppa Coffee from Surat Thani Province, Heart Made Roastery from Songkhla Province, D’Art Café & Coffee Lab from Narathiwat Province, and

Wang Cafe & Roastery from Pattani Province, etc. The latest event was held at centralwOrld and included various well-known brands from different countries to offer a World Coffee Culture experience for coffee lovers to taste original coffee from around the world such as Trunk Coffee, a famous coffee shop from Nagoya, Taye Ethiopian Coffee, the original owner of the coffee variety well-known around the world, Stupiducks Specialty Coffee, world-famous coffee roasting facility in Vietnam and the traditional coffee techniques of Turkish Sand Coffee from Shaloba Boutique Coffee shop.

Dr. Nattakit concluded: “The Thailand Coffee Hub event has been very successful, with amazing feedback from local entrepreneurs and well-known brands in addition to Thai and international coffee lovers. In 2024, Central Pattana is planning our event strategy to ensure that we cover all major cities in each region in order to help raise further awareness of Thai coffee among quality tourists as well as attracting coffee businesses from other countries. This will bring about an exchange of knowledge and experience that will lead to achieving the goal of putting forward Thai coffee at a global level in the near future.”



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