Central Pattana Unleashes 'The Great Celebration 2024' with Beloved Pokémon, Reinforcing Thailand as The Best Holiday Destination"

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  • Surprise show of popular actor: Gulf Kanawut Traipipattanapong X VIIS, a five-member girl group from G’NEST under GMM Music and a special song for the end-of-year celebrations composed by ‘Not GETSUNOVA’ to help empower the soft power of T-Pop.
  • Discover the largest Pokémon Outbreak Takeover in Southeast Asia and be amazed by the Thunder Bolt Christmas trees at 38 Central shopping centers nationwide in addition to a 15-meter-tall inflatable Pikachu at centralwOrld from today until 7 January 2024. 
  • Discover an exclusive experience with Pokémon Play Space for Pokémon fans for the first time in Thailand along with a special Pokémon collection of ‘Happy Holidays’, with the cutest designs licensed from Japan only for Central Pattana.

Bangkok Celebrate world-class festive phenomenon with 'The Great Celebration 2024' campaign, ensuring the celebration of every moment of happiness at Central shopping centers nationwide. This year, Central Pattana is joining hands with global partner ‘The Pokémon Company’ to bring over Pokémon, the super cute character popular around the world, for all Thai fans. The special campaign launch presents a procession of cute ‘Pikachu’ for the first time in Thailand, with a great show from Japan called ‘Pikachu Dance’ performed by 30 Pikachu characters specially designed by a event director from Japan for Thai fans. This event director has designed the Pikachu Dance for events around the world. Experienced an exciting performance by the charming Gulf-Kanawut Traipipattanapong, a popular actor known for his heartwarming smile and numerous hit series. Team up with VIIS, a new-gen girl group from G'NEST under GMM Music, to create a special music video with a fresh, joyous song that will make this global year-end celebration unforgettable. Click to listen to the most impressive song and Music VDO today at Youtube : Central Pattana https://bit.ly/479zSJ3  and come take a selfie with Gulf-VIIS's MV on the LED screens in Central shopping centers nationwide.




Leading partners who are joining with us to provide great happiness include: Central The1 Credit Card, AEON Credit Card, Bangkok Bank Credit Card, UOB Credit Card, Citi Credit Card, GSB Credit Card, Kasikorn Credit Card, Krungsri Credit Card, Krungsri First Choice Visa Card, KTC Credit Card, CardX Credit Card, and SCB Credit Card, TTB Credit Card (TMB Credit Card, Thanachart Credit Card),  Zeeho electric motorcycle, Takara Tomy and Nok Air.

Indulge in happy and joyful moments during the year-end festival

Everyone is invited to celebrate every happy moment at Central shopping centers nationwide and The Esplanade Ratchadaphisek as we transform 39 branches into ‘The World of Pokémon’, with decorations of the cute character loved by people around the world to bring happiness to the Thai people and tourists from around the world.

  • The largest Pokémon Outbreak Takeover in Southeast Asia, where Pokémon is delivering happiness throughout Thailand, along with ‘Journey of Joy Decorations’ at 39 branches nationwide.
  • Pikachu Thunderbolt Christmas Trees will shine a light of happiness at 38 Central shopping centers, and for the first time in Thailand! we welcome the 15-meter-tall inflatable Pikachu in front of centralwOrld.
  • Enjoy a pop-up Pokémon Play Space for the first time in Thailand, which will provide a brand-new experience for Pokémon fans, with Pokémon games on all platforms such as a video game on Nintendo Switch, and Pokémon trading card game in addition to smartphone game apps such as Pokémon GO and Pokémon Unite, at our six branches.
  • Collectors, be sure to obtain your special collection of Pokémon Happy Holidays items specially designed for Central Pattana such as a 2-in-1 pillow blanket, tumbler, travel bag set and keychain.
  • Pokémon Collab Collection with leading brands in Central shopping centers such as RAVIPA, Good Goods, Guss Damn Good, Pacamara, Spaghetti Factory and more.
  • Shop to celebrate your happy moments and get a chance to win a vacation package to Japan and 50 additional prizes worth over 2 million baht in total.  
  • Get a free Pokémon trading card game (limited edition) with the Central Pattana logo when dining at participating restaurants and cafés.
  • Participate in the Central Life X Catching Happiness Mission and collect the highest points for the week to get a free Pokémon doll from Japan.

Exclusively, in order to please digital-age fans to the fullest, Central Pattana is joining hands with Meta to create a campaign that helps drive O2O experiences through the most challenging AR filter gamification for you on Facebook/Instagram: CentralPattana – receive prizes through the Central Life X app. In addition, Central Pattana is joining hands with TIKTOK to create an activity further from from Music Marketing by collaborating with content creators to join the upcoming hashtag challenge.

Join the greatest year-end campaign and gift festival at leading ‘Happiness Landmarks’ in ‘The Great Celebration 2024’ campaign, celebrating every moment of happiness at Central, with the greatest entertainment through the New Year – at Central shopping centers throughout Thailand from 1 November 2023 to 7 January 2024.



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