Central Pattana highlights the ongoing growth of ‘Central Pattana Residence’, aiming to penetrate luxury market with modern European style housing project ‘BAAN NIRADA’ – starting prices 20-30 million baht, and expecting to close year’s sales at 6 billion baht ​​​​​​​

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  • Highlighting the strengths of Central House & Condo: 1) Best in Town – the best locations in every city, 2) Beyond Quality with high-quality project and good community and 3) Strong Synergy ­­– privileges from partners under Central Group. Central Pattana has developed more than 35 housing and condominium projects, covering 18 provinces nationwide.   
  • Expanding a housing brand BAAN NIRADA’ to the luxury portfolio, which offers high privacy and an exclusive community in three prime locations in Bangkok: RAMA 2 (available from 7-8 Oct 2023), UTTHAYAN AKSA and EKKACHAI WONGWAEN (available from Dec 2023).
  • 14-17 September 2023 at 1st floor, centralwOrld: discover ‘Imagining Better Living’, bringing together 18 housing, condominium and townhome projects located in prime locations nationwide, with the best promotions of the year and exclusive offers for those who reserve a housing/condo unit at the event – get discounts of up to 6,000,000 baht*.

Bangkok – Central Pattana Plc., Thailand’s no. real estate developer for sustainability under the vision of ‘Imagining better futures for all’ and developer of Central shopping centers, residential projects, office buildings and hotels nationwide, is unveiling the Q3-Q4/2023 Central Pattana Residence business plan, extending the luxury portfolio with horizontal projects by launching the latest housing brand entitled BAAN NIRADA.  Prices of BAAN NIRADA start at 20-30 million baht located in prime locations in Bangkok including RAMA 2 (available from 7-8 Oct 2023), UTTHAYAN AKSA and EKKACHAI WONGWAEN (available from Dec 2023).  Central Pattana believes that demand from high-end customers is growing steadily and that by the end of 2023, the company will reach all-year sales of 6 billion baht.



Discover the grand event of the year: ‘Imagining Better Living’ from 14-17 September 2023 at 1st floor, centralwOrld.  The event gathers 18 housing, condominium and townhome projects located in prime locations nationwide, with the best promotions of the year and exclusive offers for those who reserve a housing/condo unit at the event – get discounts of up to 6,000,000 baht*. All transfer-related fees are paid for by the company and The1 members receive up to 100,000 The1 points.



Ms. Wallaya Chirathivat, President & CEO of Central Pattana Plc. said: “Central Pattana Residence is continuing its success as we invest in both major and secondary cities to expand our housing projects to cover 18 provinces. These projects have helped distribute prosperity and urbanization for communities, society, and our country.  The main strengths of our projects are due to their prime locations and the great synergy with other parts of our ecosystem following our mission to create 'The Ecosystem for All', where retail is the core. Our shopping centers in various locations connect to our hotel and office buildings, offering a high-potential mixed-use project. This way, we are able to fulfil the lifestyle needs of residents from all aspects of their life such as shopping, eating, working, playing, staying and living 24 hours a day.”

“We are committed to creating high quality housing projects with our experience and expertise as a leading real estate developer, with our role of 'Place Making' to improve people’s quality of life, and connecting people and planet together as well as caring for people, communities and the environment.  With every project, we focus on creating a quality society and good environment to ensure a living experience that meets the needs of residents in every aspect. We are proud to deliver high quality homes and condominiums that are comprehensive, function at high standards, are safe, secure and also facilitate the lives of everyone of all genders and ages,” Ms. Wallaya added.



Mr. Kree Dejchai, President, Residential Business, Central Pattana plc, said: “As for our plans for 2023, we are launching a total of seven new projects, including three ESCENT condominium projects in Phetchaburi, Buriram, and Bangna and four housing projects: BAAN NIRATI NAKHON SI and the latest brand: BAAN NIRADA in three locations: RAMA 2, UTTHAYAN AKSA and EKKACHAI WONGWAEN.  It is expected that by the end of this year, our total sales for 2023 will reach 6 billion baht.  It is estimated that in the last quarter of 2023, the real estate market will be in a positive direction, with support factors from housing demand, in particular, among high-end customers who continue to hold high purchasing power.”

“We intend to launch the 'BAAN NIRADA' brand as our flagship for horizontal projects as we expand to the luxury housing market in Bangkok.  BAAN NIRADA offers high privacy and an exclusive community and is designed in a modern European style with Mediterranean aesthetics through the simplification of details. BAAN NIRADA is a house brand that understands every generation and meets the lifestyle needs of the new generation who desire a property that reflects pride in their personal success.  BAAN NIRADA’s pricing starts at approximately 20-30 million baht,” Mr. Kree added.




BAAN NIRADA Rama 2 to be launched on 7-8 October 2023

Luxury detached houses in a Mediterranean style situated in a prime location on Rama 2 Road, conveniently connected to the commercial area in Rama 3 to Yannawa-Sathorn and connecting to Bangkok perimeter province Nakhon Pathom via Phutthasakhon Road, as well as being the gateway to the South for those heading to the southern regions. The project fulfils every lifestyle as it surrounds all facilities such as Central Rama 2, Tops Club, Central Mahachai as well as international schools and leading hospitals.

Strong business model and strategies for Central Pattana Residence

  • The beginning of RESIDENCE starts from our projects under the brand: ESCENT – high quality condominiums that are adjacent to the shopping centers, which have received excellent feedback nationwide, leading up to our latest premium projects such as Phyll condominium in Phuket.
  • The synergy of Central shopping centers and Robinson lifestyle shopping centers provides us with detailed consumer insights to gauge behavior and domestic demand in depth, throughout the country.
  • We have access to all customer groups under a variety of brands and products for both horizontal and vertical projects.
  • By the end of 2023, we aim to have developed a combined total of 35 projects, which covers 18 provinces, with more than 12 projects already successfully closing sales.

In terms of sustainability, Central House & Condo cares for the environment and sustains a good quality of life as every house provides an installation point to accommodate an EV charger for all models of electric cars. Central House & Condo projects add recycled materials into each design and with our collaboration with SCG, we have selected construction materials and products with the SCG Green Choice label in addition to SCG Active AIR Quality innovation, which helps create good clean air by filtering out PM2.5 dust particles, reducing germs, bacteria and viruses from entering the home. Our projects also have solar cell panels installed on the roof of the clubhouse and use solar cell lights for walkways in common areas.



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