Central Pattana reaffirms as Thailand’s No. 1real estate developer, investing over 10 billion baht for sustainability while pushing its ‘NET-Zero 2050’ plan, and joining hands with partners in green expo of the year ‘Better Futures Project’ at centralwOrld

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• Sustainable company with “The Ecosystem for All’, catering for people’s lives in all aspects, following ESG principles throughout its operations while focusing on creating shared value for every sector to achieve sustainable growth.

• Continuing with ‘Net-Zero 2050’ plan and unveiling new green Initiatives such as: 1) Being the first real estate developer to initiate green partnerships by preparing to join hands with the MEA and SCG to promote energy-saving, and collaborating with over 100 shops and partners; 2) Issuing sustainability-linked loans/bonds worth 10 billion baht; and 3) Launching the first ‘Low Carbon Mall’ of the company at Central Westville.

• Creating ‘green citizens’ by joining hands with partners to encourage everyone to shift to a planet-friendly lifestyle in the ‘Better Futures Project 2023’ exhibition from 24-29 May 2023 at centralwOrld.



Bangkok – Central Pattana plc, Thailand’s number one real estate developer for sustainability, committedto creating a better world under the vision of ‘Imagining better futures for all’, has unveiled its sustainability plans and strategy towards the ‘Net-Zero 2050’ goal along with a roadmap for the initiation of various projects collaborating with partners from all sectors to create strong, sustainable growth together under the theme of ‘The Ecosystem for All’. The company’s five-year business plan (2023-2027) includes over 10billion baht in investment for sustainability, whichcovers aspects of both people and the planet. Central Pattana will continue with the plan and launch new green initiatives such as ‘green partnerships’ in which it will join hands with the MEA and SCG to promote energy-saving, collaborate with over 100 shops and partners, issue sustainability-linked loans/bonds worth 10 billion baht, and launch the ‘Low Carbon Mall’ as the first model of Central Pattna at Central Westville in Q4/2023.

For more information, please visit: https://youtu.be/qnprrKbp2ww and https://campaign.centralpattana.co.th/BetterFuturesProject/

Visit the green expo of the year today at Better Futures Project 2023 at centralwOrld from 24-29 May 2023 co-hosted by Central Pattana, government, private and NGO sectors pushing forward sustainability through the presentation of environmentally friendlylifestyles.



Ms. Naparat Sriwanvit, Chief Financial Officer and Senior Executive Vice President, Finance, Accounting and Risk Management for Central Pattana plc, said: “Central Pattana aims to be 'The Ecosystem for All'or a strong and sustainable system that creates growth for all parties. Our main goal is to create 'Better Futures' while caring for and ensuring a sustainable society and environment. We highlight our role in 'Place Making' by giving priority to both social aspectsand the community and green aspects or the environment. In our five-year business plan (2023-2027), we have announced a total investment over 10 billion baht for sustainability.  

Sustainability is a matter for everyone and every party and can make an impact on every aspect of lifestyles and connect with all stakeholders including:

• Consumers: or people who spend time in our projects. In the next five years, there will be 1.8 million people spending their life in our projects daily. We care for everyone's quality of life as we design our projects to be eco-friendly malls and low-carbon malls while creating desirable public spaces and green areas, etc.

• Tenants: we became the first real estate developer to initiate ‘green partnerships’ by joining hands withthe MEA and SCG to promote energy saving and collaborating with over 100 shops and partners both upstream and downstream in addition to promoting waste management with shop partners. ‘Food Passion’ recently opened the first low-carbon restaurant in Thailand at Central Village.

• Non-Tenant Partners: we are continuing with our success as the first real estate developer and retailer to issue green bonds and will issue sustainability-linked loans/bonds worth 10 billion baht. We will install more than 400 parking slots forelectric vehicles in charging stations in all branches as well as expand our collaboration with waste management start-ups from Bangkok and perimeter and to other provinces, etc.

• Community: communities and society: we focus on three main areas: 1) 'Local Wealth', we will promote local employment from our expansion of projects to cover more than 30 provinces in the next five years, providing a Jing Jai Market or farmers’ markets in 18 branches to create opportunities for more than 38,000 farmers to generate income of 139 million baht (estimated figure for 2022) for the community, opening up more than 100,000 m2 of trading space for SMEs per year.; 2) 'Well-Being', our new projects focus on increasing public space and green areas, and in 2022, our green space increased by 11%. We remain a center to facilitate activities such as COVID-19 vaccinations and blood donations. 3)'Inclusivity’, we support human rights and equality in our company and have projects to increase educational opportunities, etc.”

Central Pattana’s Journey to ‘Net-Zero 2050’ is making great progress following the plan such as:Energy: we use clean energy and have successfully installed solar rooftops on our shopping centers (50%)and this will reach 100% (all branches) by 2024; Water: we have reduced our water consumption as well as reusing and recycling water as we have water recycling systems at over 19 projects. Waste: we were able to process waste and reduce 18,000 tons of landfill waste, with 127% of the set goal achieved. Air: we ensure that air quality meets the standards and fulfils the requirements of PM 2.5 measures, etc.



Dr. Nattakit Tangpoonsinthana, Head of Marketing for Central Pattana plc, said: “Central Pattana is a purpose-driven organization that expands projects nationwide. This allows us to create impacts that drive partnerships and reach the public sector. With our vision on sustainability, we have initiated various projects and campaigns to promote sustainability as a close-to-home matter and encourage people to change their lifestyles. For example, in the green expo: Better Futures Project Year 2, we have designed an experiential space for people to learn, experiment and put ideas into practice in real life as well as expanding cooperation with our tenants and partners from various fields.”

Dr. Nattakit added: “Central shopping centers play a major role to 'Educate, Enable and Engage' in order to create 'green citizens' or people with an eco-conscious lifestyle for our planet through various green initiatives such as a roadshow for the'Better Futures Project' green expo at other branches such as Central Rama 9 and Central Phitsanulok; the 'Better Market' green market, which brings together food and home-furnishing products to be held at centralwOrld, Central Eastville, Central Rama 3 and Central Westville; Wednesday Shop to Stop global warming will start a mid-year sales campaign to encourage spending and planet love by enjoy green shopping (with specified conditions) at participating stores to receive mementos and collect e-Stamps throughout the year. In the fourth quarter, Central Westville, Central Pattana's first low-carbon mall will be opened.”

Save the dates for 24-29 May 2023, 1st floor at centralwOrld, where you can learn how everyday lifestyles such as eating, shopping, working, playing, staying and living can change the world for the better! Discover the highlighted zones:

• Better Stories: share stories through the Art Book of Betterment, with adorable work designed by popular illustrator: Ms. Nitta Prapatpakdee or Paan Nitta, who presents sustainability as a cute and close-to-home matter encouraging you change your lifestyle to eat, shop, live, work, travel and play for a better world. Visit Central Pattana's first residential projects booth, which will present ideas for save-the-planet homes.

• Better Workplace: a space for young office workers at centralwOrld Offices, a modern office building that focuses on sustainability – enjoy discussions and workshops from well-known partners for comprehensive energy and waste management.

• Better Environment: visit a wonderful booth from the Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA), sharing energy-saving tips and offering new ideas to reduce your electricity bills in addition to its one-stop-service point. 

• Better EV: enjoy the launch of two new electric vehicles from Lexus and Volvo, with special offers only available at this very special event!

• Better Choice & Better Style: discover a wide range of green products and services and the importance of the Bio-Circular-Green Economy (BCG) from Uniqlo, Anello, Body Shop, Yves Rocher, Axxa and more to be revealed!



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