BYD Grows Stronger with Right-Hand-Drive DOLPHIN EV Launch at 44th Bangkok International Motor Show Thailand is First Country to Accept Purchase Orders for Latest Model Surprise Price Available at Showrooms Nationwide

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Electric vehicles (EV) by BYD have enjoyed popularity since the official launch of ATTO 3 here last November. At the 44th Bangkok International Motor Show this year, Rêver Aumotive Company Limited in its capacity as the brand’s Thailand Authorized Distributor is bringing BYD popularity to the next level with the launch of BYD DOLPHIN EV. Purchase orders for this much-awaited compact right-hand-drive model can be placed now. Estimated selling price for its standard range is Bt799,999!



Mr.Pratarnwong Phornprapha, CEO of Rêver Aumotive Company Limited, says, “We would like to thank you for all support and trust in BYD’s EVs. The response exceeded our expectations to the point that we needed to stop taking new purchase orders last year. To date, we have already delivered 10,000 BYD ATTO 3 cars to our customers, fulfilling our goals and our promise to our customers. BYD and Rêver, moreover, are committed to bringing the best things to Thais. We therefore have never stopped developing technologies in response to consumers’ needs in line with our focus on clean energy. BYD offers pure electric vehicles, which comes complete with good performance and comfort on top of being environmentally-friendly. 

“At the 44th Bangkok International Motor Show, we let people see new energy vehicles up close. This is also truly a good opportunity to introduce our right-hand-drive BYD DOLPHIN EV - Standard Range. This model is available in two colors namely Coastal Cream and Flora Purple. People who are waiting to grab BYD DOLPHIN will get good news. We will be the first country in the world to accept purchase orders for right-hand-drive BYD DOLPHIN. With expected state subsidy, the estimated selling price is Bt799,999. Purchase orders will be accepted nationwide from March 22 onward. We will be ready to hand over the cars to our customers from July 1”.          



Ms.Pratarnporn Phornprapha, VICE CEO of Rêver Aumotive Company Limited, says, “When you join BYD DOLPHIN families, we will be pleased to offer you Rêver Care. Designed to ensure proper vehicle care and boost customers’ confidence, its privileges have the value of over Bt150,000. Rêver Care enables you to pay the initial payment of just Bt39,999* to get the vehicle. It also includes1-Year Car Insurance Type 1 + Compulsory Motor Insurance*. You will also enjoy 8-year or 160,000-km battery warranty*. For peace of mind, you will be able to access our 24-hour emergency roadside assistance services for 8 years*. We, in addition, offer 3-year or 100,000-km maintenance services that cover both spare parts labor costs*. On top of these benefits, our customers will get free home charger with free installation*, VtoL cable, Portable Charger, carpet, license plate frame and screen protective film. They won’t have to pay vehicle registration fee either”.



BYD Booth (A16) at the 44th Bangkok International Motor Show, has the following models for distribution:  

BYD Dolphin

  • BYD Dolphin Standard Range           Estimated selling price: Bt799,999

BYD ATTO 3 (two models are available)

  • BYD ATTO 3 Extended Range           Bt1,199,900
  • BYD ATTO 3 Standard Range            Bt1,099,900

The following six models of BYD are just for display:


(For more details, please check Product Information Documents.)

* The Company’s conditions apply.



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