BYD ATTO 3 takes names with ‘Best EV SUV’ win, reinforcing leading position in EV market at Car of the Year 2023 award ceremony

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Rêver Automotive Co., Ltd., the official distributor and aftersales service provider for BYD in Thailand, turned heads in the automotive industry once again by winning the ‘Best EV SUV’ award at the Car of the Year 2023. The award ceremony has been held for 25 consecutive years by Grand Prix Internatioanl PLC to crown the best automotive innovations in various categories, judged by a panel of Thailand’s automotive experts, while promoting good images for automakers and the auto industry, with both domestic and import vehicles in the running. The event also helps the general public learn more about vehicles in the market, allowing them to choose the right ride for their needs.  



After already turning heads as buyers formed queues to purchase its EVs in Thailand for the first time to the point where all slots became fully booked, BYD has reinforced its leading position in the EV market once more by winning the ‘Best EV SUV’ award – reflecting its outstanding commitment to deliver vehicles of superior performance and innovations of the future, capable of meeting the needs and desires of consumers. The attention received by the brand has also done a great job of confirming Thai buyers’ interests in EVs. From November 2022 – February 2023, Rêver Automotive Co., Ltd. has delivered 10,055 EVs to dealers and 9,548 units to customers.  



Mr. Ke Yubin, General Manager of BYD (Thailand) Co., Ltd., said he was “extremely honored and proud that the BYD ATTO 3 was crowned the Best EV SUV in Thailand this year. This was another prestigious stamp of approval for the ATTO 3, which has previously won awards from other internationally recognized automotive institutions in 2022, including the Trendy A-Class Pure Electric SUV of the Year from the 2022 Eighth China Automotive Golden Wheel Award; the Annual New Energy SUV from the 2022 China Auto List; and the Most Popular A-Class Pure Electric SUV of the Year from the 2022 EVES.

It has also received an award from the E-NCAP 5 STAR safety rating, which is the Electric Vehicle of the Year from the 2022 New Zealand Automobile Association; and has been awarded the Electric Vehicle of the Year from the 2022 New Zealand Company Vehicle Magazine, the Family Electric Vehicle of the Year from the 2022 Belgian VAB Magazine, and Vehicle of the Year from the 2022 Israel Sport 5. These awards point to confidence in the quality of the ATTO 3, and BYD is committed to continuously developing products in order for Thai consumers to have vehicles of the best performance and quality.”



Meanwhile, Mr. Wisit Pitayaviriyakul, Vice President – Commercial at Rêver Automotive Co., Ltd., the official distributor and aftersales service provider of BYD in Thailand added that “For Rêver Automotive, we are very pleased and proud of the Best EV SUV award, as the party that has brought in the BYD ATTO 3 for Thai people to experience and received great response. We are committed and determined to offer clean energy vehicles that are environmentally friendly to build upon the technological and environmental vision that is one of our priorities, while simultaneously delivering high-performing and highly efficient vehicles, fully equipped with advanced features for convenience and safety that respond to the present and future needs of EV usage. The BYD ATTO 3 is an automotive innovation of the future that is more than just a car. And finally, I would like to thank all car users who have entrusted BYD to be a part of their journey and life.”

Those interested in becoming an owner of the BYD ATTO 3, or would like to test drive the vehicle, can contact any BYD showroom nationwide, and can keep up with BYD-related updates and information at:


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