Bangkok's Premier Sky Bar, COCOA XO, Announces All-You-Can-Eat Chocolatier Buffet

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Bangkok, Thailand - COCOA XO, the city's leading sky bar and lounge located on the 57th floor of Centara Grand at CentralWorld, is excited to announce an all-you-can-eat Chocolatier Buffet for chocolate lovers at THB 812 netWith more than 49 items, guests can indulge in a unique chocolate grotto experience, complete with signature Cognac cocktails and a selection of premium cognacs.

COCOA XO's Chocolatier Buffet features a Chocolate Cave filled with house-made Cacao Barry indulgences such as Chocolate Pralines, Ganache, Chocolate Cake, Smooth Cognac, and Sweet Cold Soft Serve Ice Cream, as well as fruits dipped in your choice of white or dark chocolate fondue. The alfresco bar and lounge also offer spectacular views of the city, an illuminated Cognac bar, and a selection of signature Martell Cognac cocktails.



This delicious pairing of chocolate and cognac, a collaboration between Martell Cognac and artisanal French Chocolatier Cacao Barry, is an experience like no other. At COCOA XO, guests can sit back and enjoy the 360-degree views of the city while tasting ambrosial chocolates, discovering our cognac selection, or enjoying a cigar. But enter the COCOA XO Pod (chocolate cave) to be transported into a world of chocolate-flavoured decadence, where every corner holds a delectable treasure waiting to be tasted.

Some of the several new inclusions in the Chocolatier Buffet include the Dipped Chocolate Waffle Cone with premium soft serve Cognac ice cream – the "Signature Blend" is a velvety, pure, and intense taste of cocoa Guayaquil 64% & Alunga 41% paired with XO cognac, while the "Zephyr Milky" is smooth White Chocolate 34% paired with VSOP cognac. Other additions include Rum and Cognac Truffles, BAILEY point-Milk Chocolate 41% , Almond Marzipan & Pistachio Chocolate Praline, Cointreau Logs, Dark 64% "Guayaquil Chocolate, and Valrhona Passionfruit Dot, Menu Nama ChocolateLemon honey chocolate praline, Mendiant chocolate, RUBY chocolate Dot Moist chocolate brownie among several others.



If you're a chocolate lover, you'll be delighted with the variety of other chocolate packages besides the chocolate buffet. The THB 790 Net chocolate tree is perfect for those who prefer an at-your-table treat. The THB 490++ chocolate shoes offer a fun, edible twist on footwear. The THB 480++ 9 pcs Cocoa XO Box is a thoughtful gift for someone special. And for those who love variety, the THB 999++ 16 pcs Chocolate Box is a must-have.

COCOA XO is open daily from 16.00 to 01.00 hrs. and is only accessible to guests 20 years and older.

For more information or to make a reservation, please call 02-100-6255 or email

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