Central Rama 3 emphasizes status as heart of district and leader of urban living, creating best moments for every generation, investing over 30 million baht to roll out various events for Q4 end, preparing to launch new shops

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  • The first retail developer to see the potential of the Rama 3 area and continues to upgrade experiences to become 'top of mind' for the people in the area.
  • No.1 location that connects to the Silom-Sathorn CBD, with a total project area of 221,308 m2 making Central Rama 3 the largest shopping center in the area.
  • A destination that combines the best moments in urban lifestyle, fulfilling everyone’s needs: 1) Urban Dining Destination – more than 100 popular restaurants, ranging from world-class restaurants to street food eateries, 2) Urban Family Bonding – space for all activities and services for everyone in the family, and 3) Urban Dynamic Space – enjoy inspiration from the co-working space throughout the shopping center in addition to 1,000 m2 of B2S Think Space.
  • Bringing all popular shops and restaurants led by Haidilao Hot pot (in November 2022) on over 830 m2 and healthy shops such as Boost Juice and Farm Land, and a new organic market (now open).
  • Celebrate happy moments in Central Rama 3 ‘25 Years of Togetherness’ and discover great activities and promotions from today until 8 November 2022.




Central Pattana plc, Thailand's no. 1 real estate developer for sustainability, which covers Central shopping centers, residential buildings, office buildings and hotels nationwide, is highlighting the success of Central Rama 3 as the heart of the district – serving people of all generations for many years, with its continued experience upgrades to become a relentless leader of urban living. Central Pattana is investing more than 30 million baht to go full steam ahead with its year-end event and add more new restaurants to celebrate the moments of happiness in Central Rama 3 ‘25 Years of Togetherness’ from 20-24 October 2022, with great promotions from today until 8 November 2022.

Dr. Nattakit Tangpoonsinthana, Executive Vice President of Marketing for Central Pattana plc, said: “Central Pattana was the first developer to recognize the potential of the Rama 3 area, which connects to Bangkok's financial & business district at Silom-Sathorn. That’s why we understand the needs of consumers in this area very well and are continuing to develop Central Rama 3 to become a destination that meets all the needs of urban living for all generations, while offering familiarity as part of the life of people in the area. This is our strength that has always made us the number one shopping destination in the Rama 3 area.”

“We see the trend of urbanization and modern society, and the people in the Rama 3 community retain their unique lifestyles while embracing new things and choosing high quality items for themselves and their families. Therefore, Central Rama 3 plays a major role as a Center of Life that encourages the bonding of people and communities. It is also a dynamic ‘place maker’, which continues to develop and upgrade experiences to support urbanization and meet the needs of target groups, including families, new generation workers and teenagers. There is growth in real estate and residential projects in the Rama 3 area, with a total population in the catchment area of over 300,000,” Dr. Nattakit said.


Three strengths that make Central Rama 3 the ‘top of mind’ in the area

Central Rama 3 is situated on 16 rai of land with a total usable area of 221,308 m2 making it the largest shopping center in the area, with parking space for 2,200 vehicles; located near the Narathiwat Intersection, heading to Sathorn, which connects to the Bangkok CBD.

1. Urban Dining Destination: gathering more than 100 popular restaurants ranging from world-class restaurants to street food eateries. Enjoy a variety of cool restaurants and cafés such as Bonchon, Laem Charoen, Kobe Steak, Chounan, Spaghetti Factory, Momo Paradise, Karayama, Hoshi, KubKao' KubPla, On the Table, Peppina, Dookki Topokki, KAGONOYA, Jade Garden, Salad Factory, Sab-E-Lee, Banana Leaf, Eaw Thai Suki & Chinese Restaurant and Nittaya Roast Chicken.

Soon with popular Haidilao hotpot restaurant (in November 2022) on over 830 m2 of space in addition to healthy shops such as Boost Juice and Farm Land, and a new organic market (now open).

2. Urban Family Bonding: A space for all activities and services for everyone in the family, where you can find workshop activities throughout the year. There are facilities including a breastfeeding room, children’s toilets, wheelchairs for the elderly and kiddy cars etc. in addition to Fashion & Specialty stores that attract people of all ages, such as Uniqlo, MUJI, Adidas, Pomelo, FILA, Pandora and Lacoste.

3. Urban Dynamic Space: we intentionally designed the space inside the shopping center to meet the lifestyles of working people and the new generation as we have a co-working space throughout the shopping center and 1,000 m2 of B2S Think Space, including holding events for new experiences throughout the year.



Delivering moments of happiness during the year-end period, Central Rama 3 has invested more than 30 million baht to continuously roll out events and activities. Highlighted events include:

  • Central Rama 3 ‘25 Years of Togetherness’ (20-24 Oct 2022) ​– Meet with popular artists who will bring happiness to everyone, such as Zom Marie, Bright Norraphat, Angie Thiticha, Patrick Ananda, Pam, Arisara, Earth-Mix and Oof Jumpol.
  • Air Doodle City (27 Oct to 2 Nov 2022) ​– Inviting all kids to have fun in the beyond-imagination art world in an ocean atmosphere, where all the ‘Doodle’ cartoon characters of the sea gather together.
  • Japan Signature (3-16 Nov 2022) ​– Be deliciously satisfied as if you are visiting Japan yourself! Enjoy ramen cafés such as A-grade delicious ramen from A Ramen, original recipe Japanese grilled eel from Semakutei, foie gras on rice from Don, and Japanese pizza sticks from OKONOMIYAKI TAKUYA.
  • BNK48 Roadshow & Group Hi-Touch (12-13 Nov 2022) – Enjoy a mini concert from BNK48, with their latest single and high touch activity for the fans to get closer to BNK48 and shop for their latest merchandise.
  • The Jazz & Café Concerto (17-23 Nov 2022) – Indulge in and enjoy the sights, the sounds and aromas of specialty coffee and jazz from TOP STAR SINGERS such as Kob Saowanit, Nat The Voice, Johnifer The Voice and Earth Patravee.

Be prepared to experience the greatest happiness during the New Year festival through the ‘Embracing Happiness 2023’ campaign and meet world-class characters from LINE FRIENDS that are joining in to create impressive moments at settings such as Brown's room, Sally's room and the giant Christmas tree at Central Rama 3.



Don't miss out on great promotions from today until 8 November 2022

  • Top 10 Spenders during the campaign (minimum amount of 200,000 baht), get a prize of two tickets for domestic flights and a Central Group Gift Voucher worth 5,000 baht. Spend 3,000 baht and up on shopping, get a prize of two movie tickets from Major Cineplex worth 520 baht.
  • Spend 8,000 baht and up, get a limited tote bag worth 990 baht or alternatively, get an exclusive tumbler worth 1,390 baht.
  • Exclusive for Nok Air passengers, when spending 6,000 baht and up at the shopping center: **Show Boarding Pass for any travel taking place from 15 October to 30 November 2022 along with a sales slip, and get a free limited tote bag worth 990 baht or alternatively, get an exclusive tumbler worth 1,390 baht.
  • Double exclusive promotions X2 from Central Department Store Rama 3 branch, when customers make a purchase under specified conditions (from 20 October to 1 November 2022).

Let's celebrate 25 years of Central Rama 3  together by gathering all the best moments for all generations at Central Rama 3; follow further details on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/CentralRama3Fanpage     



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