Central Rama 2 to celebrate new look, highlighting itself as no. 1 regional mall by investing over 1.2 billion baht to become destination of ‘The New Urbanist’ ¬– enjoy good lifestyle every day

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  • Upgrading the retail experience with major synergy of Central Group in a brand new concept, led by Tops CLUB, Thailand’s first membership-driven supermarket, which gathers together food and consumer goods from around the world for members to shop for at special prices; Central Department Store offers seamless integration and variety; Central Food Hall gathers together premium products and highlights a food culinary experience; SUPERSPORTS covers a double-sized store space, Power Buy x B2S, OfficeMate and Auto1.
  • The most authentic food destination under the concept of 'The Infinite Taste', including more than 300 popular restaurants ranging from street food style eateries to Michelin starred restaurants.


Central Pattana plc, Thailand's no. 1 real estate developer for sustainability, which covers Central shopping centers, residential buildings, office buildings and hotels nationwide, is relaunching Central Rama 2 with a brand-new look from a total investment of 1.2 billion baht to transform an urban landscape to ‘The New Urbanist’ – enjoy good lifestyle every day. Central Rama 2 is highlighting itself as the no.1 destination, fully equipped to upgrade lifestyles to meet the needs of all generations. It is moving forward to become the no.1 regional mall in the Rama 2 area, with a major renovation to create a fresh mall ambience for customers to fulfil their quality of life, and be close to nature with a seamless connection of green areas and shopping center. Central Rama 2 aims to create a great first impression from the moment visitors enter the premises and to fulfil all modern lifestyles – without the need to travel into central Bangkok.

Central Rama 2 aims to be the best food destination in the Rama 2 area, and includes over 300 restaurants, ranging from world-renowned Michelin starred restaurants to street food style eateries in a new zone: ‘Tree Chamber’. Central Rama 2 is transforming the retail experiences with its major ‘BU Synergy’ e.g. Central Department Store with the first ‘seamless integration’ shopping in the area, and a new look for Central Food Hall offering a premium grocery experience, SUPERSPORTS, the largest branch with new concept stores at the Sport Stimulation Zone and Power Buy X B2S. Discover a new experience in sports, a lifestyle hub of technology and a variety of books and enjoy edutainment at children's academies and an activity space for children and families. Central Rama 2 aims to attract customer traffic with increased purchasing power of 30%.



Dr. Nattakit Tangpoonsinthana, Executive Vice President of Marketing for Central Pattana plc, said: “This new transformation of Central Rama 2 is a strategic shift based on Central Pattana's strategy to build a Landmark Destination in every corner of each major city. Central Rama 2 will be the no. 1 regional mall for southern Bangkok under the concept of ‘The New Urbanist’ – enjoy good lifestyle every day.

We have expanded our catchment areas to meet the needs of Rama 2 residents of every generation, creating great first impressions for customers from the first moment they enter the shopping center. We have elevated the quality of life to a whole new level and seamlessly connected green areas with the shopping center, in addition to creating a magnet for the best food destinations in the Rama 2 area under the concept of ‘The Infinite Taste’ – with a new zone, ‘Tree Chamber’, under the concept of ‘Shopping Boulevard’. This is a new landmark that gathers together world-renowned restaurants and cafes ranging from street food style eateries to Michelin starred restaurants from the ground floor to the 4th floor.

We have entered full ‘BU Synergy’: Central Department Store with its seamless integration and variety, which seamlessly connects with every design, Fashion & Beauty Kids Home, Central Food Hall, the aesthetics of the world of deliciousness in a world-class food store, Tops CLUB, Thailand's first membership-based shopping platform, bringing food and appliances from around the world for members to shop for at special prices, an extra-large SUPERSPORTS that is double the size of any other branch. There are Velo Bicycle and FutbolX zones, Power Buy x B2S, a modern lifestyle hub of technology and books to please people in western Bangkok in addition to OfficeMate, one place for all businesses, and Auto1, a one-stop car service center.”



Dr. Nattakit continued: “This renovation allows us to attract more than 30% of the wealthy segment and after completing the renovations along with the easing of Covid-19, our customer traffic has returned to almost 100%. Central Rama 2 also prioritizes environmental stewardship by becoming the first shopping center in Thailand to use the innovative Zero-Carbon Transportation Hub in South Bangkok. It also aims to become the only ‘Zero Waste Mall’ in the area, with a Recycle Station that reflects our two corporate values ​​to be the first mixed-use developer that achieves ‘Net Zero’ by 2050. The two values are: ‘Positivity’ by spurring creativity and doing good deeds for a better quality of life for everyone, and ‘Community at Heart’ by taking care of the community and the environment to ensure that we share sustainable growth.”

CENTRAL RAMA 2, COMPLETE LIFESTYLE DESTINATION ​WITH URBAN VIBE – expanding the catchment area, fulfilling the demands of all generations and providing nine good things every day:

  1. The real Food Destination and high street lifestyle destination under the concept of ‘The Infinite Taste’, where you can taste deliciousness on every floor, with Central Rama 2 ‘Tree Chamber’ under the concept of ‘Shopping Boulevard’. This new landmark with high ceilings of over 9 meters, and stylish decor featuring waterfalls and lush green plants to increase freshness, gathers together world-renowned restaurants and cafes such as Mo-Mo-Paradise, Sushiro, The Ramyeon by the Bibimbab, Camin, Thai Thai Noodle, Nuer Tae Restaurant, Four Seasons, Boon Tong Kee, Gogida, Greyhound Café, IPPUDO, KOBE Steakhouse, Ssamthing Together, After You, Pang Cha, Ben's Cookies, Brew Bar, GAGA, Van Hart, and Ang Bao. Coming soon is Haidilao and more. Discover deliciousness from over 300 restaurants from street food style eateries to Michelin starred restaurants at ‘Tree Chamber’ from G floor to 4th floor.
  2. The real ‘BU Synergy’ – joining forces within Central Group, such as Central Department Store in the new concept of seamless integration and variety, which seamlessly connects with every design, Fashion & Beauty Kids Home, Central Food hall – ‘a Symphony of Taste’, the aesthetics of the world of deliciousness in a world-class food store, Tops CLUB, Thailand's first membership-based shopping platform, which brings food and appliances from around the world for members to shop for at special prices, a double-sized SUPERSPORTS  that also adds Velo Bicycle and FutbolX zones, Power Buy x B2S, OfficeMate, one place for all businesses and Auto1, a one-stop car service center.
  3. The real shopping destination with over 300 popular brands of fashion, lifestyle and beauty stores such as Muji Flagship Store, covering over 1,100 m2, and a coffee corner, community products and plants. Other fashion brands include: Uniqlo, Jaspal, Gentle Women, Jubilee, Pandora, Bath & Body Works, Dior, La Mer, Chanel, Clé de Peau Beauté, LancÔme, Estee Lauder, Clarins, Kiehl’s and a Showcase zone that brings you Instagram fashion items at affordable prices with an expensive look.
  4. The real one-stop fit and firm destination – enjoy the largest branch of Fitness First in the Rama 2 area, with over 3,000 m2 of space featuring comprehensive services and facilities such as a free weights zone, freestyle zone, boxing zone, Group X space, yoga room, bicycle room and many different classes on offer. Moreover, there are ‘Sport Fashion’ shops for sports and fitness apparel and equipment for sports enthusiasts such as Adidas, Converse, FILA, Lacoste, New Balance, Reebok, Skechers, Outdoor Botanica, and R.O.X.  
  5. The real family well-being & inclusive community – a community for family lovers  in the Rama 2 area. Children can enjoy a great playground daily without having to travel too far into the inner city. The Little Campus zone is a hub of educational institutions under the concept of Edutainment, where children can enjoy learning and having fun plus workshop activities with Kidzoona, Joyliday, CUBS by Playmondo and Major Cineplex.
  6. The real technology lovers, home products, IT and gadgets – discover a hub for home decoration and home appliances under the concept of Smart Living and a hub of electronic products that covers leading brands at the Tech Space Zone, the largest IT zone in Thonburi, the Gadget Paradise Zone, offer gamers leading brands in store such as Speed Gaming, which specializes in e-sports equipment and comprehensive hardware devices. PlayStation and Nintendo are also available in this zone.
  7. The real creator of mall ambience & design with impressive photo areas of #UrbanistaRama2 – many photogenic spots are available, including ‘Tree Chamber’, 1st floor, escalator hall (in front of Central Department Store), ‘Tree Parking’ area, 3rd floor, Showcase, G floor and ‘Wall Painting’ on G floor and 3rd floor.
  8. The only shopping center in the Rama 2 area that fully looks after and cares for the environment – green space has been added to help save the planet, with plants and trees inside and outside the shopping center, EV charger service, Zero-Carbon Transportation Hub in South Bangkok, Thailand's first air-conditioned clean-energy smart van station, providing a taxi-van service into and out of Bangkok to other provinces/destinations such as Kanchanaburi, Pattaya, and Chonburi. The highlight for this station is the installation of solar panels that produce 7,500 watts of electricity per hour to supply more than 45,000 kilowatts of electricity to power the passenger waiting room throughout the day for lighting and air conditioners as well as vending machines for food, snacks and drinks plus mobile phone chargers while waiting for the taxi-van. The clean energy helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and global warming. In addition, there is also an Art Wall Map that introduces nearby community attractions to passengers to help generate income for the Zero Waste Mall community in the Rama 2 area. We promote the use of large digital billboards to help reduce the amount of waste from disposable billboards and we will continue to install waste sorting service points or ‘Recycle Stations’ to support society’s proper disposal practices.
  9. The real one-stop destination for every comfort and the needs of all generations, Central Rama 2 adds 500-vehicle capacity in the Tree Parking building, baby restrooms, specific parking spaces for family, people with disabilities, women and pregnant women in addition to a prayer room for Muslim customers, as we focus on inclusivity. Our airy co-working space is available to accommodate modern style daily work and we have also added ​a ​Green Space Car Park, a parking lot surrounded by plants and trees to reduce the greenhouse effect.



Packed with promotions and offers for Rama 2 residents throughout the month from 28 Sep-31 Oct 2022. Highlights include:

Exclusive for The1 members:

-    For every spending amount of 2,000 baht and up, get a chance to win a SLEEK EV electric motorcycle (7 prizes) and iPhone 14, 128 GB memory (2 prizes), with a total value of over 500,000 baht.

-    For every spending amount of 2,500 baht and up, get a movie ticket from Major Cineplex (1 claim/person/day).

-   For every spending amount of 7,000 baht and up, get a free Central Rama 2 Limited Edition bag, worth 1,390 baht (1 claim/person/day).

-    Special privileges when spending with participating credit cards, get up to 20% cash back credit or a gift voucher from The1 Credit, AEON, Bangkok Bank, Citibank, GSB, KBank, Krungsri, First Choice, KTC, SCB or TTB.

  • 0% interest installments of up to 24 months with Krungsri Consumer, First Choice or T1 credit cards.
  • The1 members with a total spending amount of 150,000 baht and up throughout the campaign period, get 10,000 points (for the first 50 customers only).
  • Special promotions from more than 100 brands at Central Rama 2.

The new Central Rama 2 ‘The New Urbanist’ ­– enjoy good lifestyle every day, the Center of Life that fulfils the modern urban lifestyle of people from all generations, improves the quality of life and is environmentally-friendly and close to nature, is located on Rama 2 Road and connected to the outskirts of Bangkok, and serves as an important meeting point for travelers inbound and outbound to the city. It is a true quality Center of Life for all Rama 2 residents.



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