Start now! “LEAD year 4 program by Central Pattana”. The only retail program in Thailand that leads SMEs to success, and offers opportunities to enter the strongest ‘Business Ecosystem’ of Central Group

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  • Scale up and achieve sustainable business growth – led by Central Group and leading gurus, packed with knowledge & know-how and its signature module of ‘Pop-Up Store’, a Sandbox Workshop to create trial brands in Central Pattana's best market places
  • Opportunities for SMEs to enter Central Group’s strongest ‘Retail Ecosystem’ as Thailand’s number one retail developer, with shopping center and mixed-use projects nationwide

Bangkok – Central Pattana plc, Thailand's number one real estate leader for sustainability, and developer of Central shopping centers, community malls, residential and office buildings and hotels nationwide, is joining hands with Thammasat University to continue with the ‘LEAD 4’ program, the only retail course in Thailand that has created success for SMEs since its launch. There are more than 150 new brands ­– more than 50% of which have been successful and able to expand their business and open branches with Central Pattana. The course has helped entrepreneurs to scale up and grow their business through every crisis, with the most intensive topic: ‘Omni Retail for Sustainable Business’, with Central Pattana as 'Big Brother' or mentor, ready to provide total business solutions. This is the same concept used where Central Pattana stands side-by-side with its 15,000 partners nationwide, supporting them to achieve their success.

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Dr. Nattakit Tangpoonsinthana, Head of Marketing for Central Pattana plc, said: “As a 'Big Brother' in the retail business, we are committed to developing new entrepreneurs to become an important force in driving the economy and elevating the Thai retail industry. The LEAD program under the concept of 'Lead to Success' is the only retail course in Thailand that has successfully created robust SMEs. This will be the fourth year for the program. Participants will gain more than just networking knowledge and will step up to a more sustainable successful business, with the three following highlights of the program:

  1. Success in Retail Knowledge Optimization: Unlock potential with retail knowledge & know-how from experts and gurus, including executives of Central Group, leading businesses and partners, and Thammasat University.
  2. Success in Disruptive Innovation: The Sandbox Workshop provides opportunities to think outside the box and experiment with new ideas to develop products or services ready for a real market trial with ‘Pop-up market’ at Central shopping centers in prime locations such as centralwOrld and Central Eastville. Based on the success of the program over the past three years, we have more than 120 new SME brands and more than 50% of participants have been able to grow and expand their businesses with Central Pattana. Examples include Jewelry Brand ‘Ravipa’, ‘Gentle Women’ a fashion brand extended from Camp, a variety fashion store ‘With it’, Beauty Store ‘Beautrium’ and ‘Hato Pet Wellness Center’ etc.
  3. Success in Sustainable Business – Build a strong and sustainable business to the next level in the best 'Retail Ecosystem' of Central Group, supported by more than 40 years of Central Pattana’s experience developing leading shopping centers and expanding various projects nationwide with the retail-led mixed-use development model. Currently, there are 38 shopping centers in Thailand and abroad, along with a number of housing projects, hotels and office buildings. In the next five years, we will expand projects to cover 30 provinces, which will become a platform that helps support the growth of our partners and also helps them expand into new markets nationwide.”



Isareit Chirathivat, Head of Partner Management for Central Pattana plc, said: “By developing the LEAD program, Central Pattana aims to help develop new entrepreneurs for the Thai retail industry while providing opportunities for all participants to join our strong ecosystem. Currently, we support more than 15,000 tenant partners nationwide. There are many entrepreneurs from the LEAD program who have expanded their business, built further or created new brands with us. We are committed to supporting sustainable growth for our partners under the cooperation of total business solutions, with comprehensive end-to-end solutions. We have assisted our partners with their business expansion using new cooperative support plans and models. This includes support for business operations by using big data from The1 and The1Biz and Retail Omnichannel to promote and push forward partners' businesses as well as managing transactions and services to help all partners. The key takeaway from the program in addition to knowledge and experience is a strong partnership from Central Pattana and its affiliates, with the opportunity to grow and expand business operations nationwide – we also plan to expand into more countries in the future.”



Asst. Prof. Pitipee Ruammake, Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy at Thammasat University and director of the LEAD program, said: “The trend of retail business models in Thailand is evolving in various aspects due to the changing behavior of consumers as well as various challenging situations that have occurred. It is important that business entrepreneurs always be agile and constantly develop to ensure that their businesses continue to grow sustainably. Therefore, in order to respond to the changing direction and increasing growth of retail businesses, Central Pattana and Thammasat University have jointly developed the LEAD or ‘Lead to Success’ program on the topic of ‘Omni Retail for Sustainable Business’. The program provides both strategies and guidelines for business management to lead to business success against all challenges in today's world.”

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