MQDC Focuses on Technology for "Theme Projects" & Mixed-Use Concepts Fully Integrated with Virtual Reality

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MQDC has unveiled a strategy focused on innovation and new technology for guiding the development of unique property projects that link to the metaverse, connecting the real and virtual worlds. 



Mr. Visit Malaisirirat, CEO of MQDC, a leading real estate developer now expanding globally, revealed that the company is adopting a distinctive business approach.

"MQDC aims not only to be a property developer but also to develop projects to deliver happiness in all dimensions through future 'sustainnovation' lifestyles we are determined to achieve," said Mr. Malaisirirat.

"MQDC has always focused on innovation, investing hundreds of millions of baht to establish and develop world-class research centers such as RISC and FutureTales Lab. Their works and findings help our projects stand out and achieve our vision and mission through sustainability to address climate change, inclusiveness to welcome all communities, and well-being to give everyone sustainable happiness, a key principle behind our operations and growth."

"MQDC's The Forestias at Bangna-Trad KM7, valued at over 125 billion baht, had residential sales of over 17.2 billion baht by the end of January 2022. The new district's Six Senses Residences, the brand's first homes in Thailand, are now nearly 80% sold, with sales of over 4.7 billion baht. The Aspen Tree, a community for 50+ residents with holistic lifetime care, and Mulberry Grove, for multigeneration families, have achieved sales of over 50%.

"The Forestias is a prototype for the company's 'theme projects' as it expands. MQDC guidelines will ensure developments foster positive connections within families and between residents and local communities and ecosystems."

"The company will focus now on expanding 'theme' and mixed-use projects. 'Theme projects' will launch every 2-3 years as large developments containing various sub-projects. All our projects now under construction are on schedule and set for transfer in 2023 onwards," said Mr. Malaisirirat.

In addition to 'theme' and mixed-use projects launching in the second half of 2022, the company is set on fresh technological innovations. MQDC's metaverse project for a new realm connecting the real and virtual worlds will have its first concrete realizations.



Mr. Parut Penpayap, Project Director for MQDC's metaverse, said that the company's research and business development teams have worked since last year on its metaverse project with a unique character and experience beyond imagination.

"MQDC has worked since March with Accenture, a specialist in metaverse development, to create a special experience for MQDC residents and the public, in line with the company's core mission to provide happiness and well-being across both the real and virtual worlds," he said.

"In addition to Accenture, MQDC works closely with its main partner, T&B Media Global (Thailand), a leading animation series producer. T&B is developing the Translucia metaverse, of which MQDC's metaverse will be part.

"MQDC's metaverse and Translucia have world-leading partners, helping develop what they see as dream projects. We will disclose development progress continuously from the middle of the year.

"We don't just build real estate in the virtual world. What we do must be different. We want to provide an experience beyond reality, giving people what we cannot in the real world. It can come true in our metaverse world," said Mr. Penpayap.



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