Central Pattana presents ‘THE FARM 2022’ bringing together high-quality products, fresh and organic ingredients from well-known farms nationwide in one place from 28 April to 18 October 2022 at 10 branches of Central shopping centers nationwide

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·Shopping for freshness from the farm – joining hands with leading partners to present over 1,000 items of fresh and high quality agricultural products from well-known farms nationwide to help give support as a distribution channel to create additional income for Thai farmers nationwide

·Serving deliciousness from the farm – enjoy 100 homemade and healthy dishes made from carefully selected local ingredients such as 100% cocoa products from Na Ngua Cocoa, mango with sweet fish sauce ice-cream, and watermelon with sweet dried fish ice-cream from Jinta Icecream, and freshly-baked wholewheat buns stuffed with Hom Suwan pineapple from The Oven Farm, etc.

·Growing happy seeds – discover ‘Seed Library’ from Chia Tai Home Garden, which gathers together over 200 types of vegetable, fruit and flower seeds as well as growing kits and home gardening tools

 Krungthep – Central Pattana plc is joining hands with the Chia Tai Group and Thai Life Insurance plc to hold ‘THE FARM 2022’ – fresh from the farm to your hands. Welcome to another year of the best farm event (which has been held for six consecutive years) to help support farmers nationwide generate income and add distribution channels for their crops to reach consumers more widely and easily as Central Pattana opens the promotional area of​​ten Central shopping centers nationwide as a distribution space. This reflects the company's belief in 'Community at Heart', by being the Center of Life for every community. This year, Thai people are invited to experience a green-living lifestyle and shop for high-quality organic products from well-known farms from all over Thailand. THE FARM 2022 will be serving delicious dishes made from fresh local ingredients, carefully picked from the farms and inviting you to plant vegetable, fruit, and flower seeds as well as enjoying shopping for various home gardening tools at ten branches of Central shopping centers: Central East Ville (28 April to 9 May 2022), Central Rayong (11 to 17 May 2022), Central Si Racha (31 May to 9 Jun 2022), Central Rama 3 (15 to 28 Jun 2022), centralwOrld (11 to 17 Jul 2022), Central Bangna (27 Jul to 8 Aug 2022), Central Rama 2 (18 to 31 Aug 2022), Central Ayutthaya (1 to 11 Sep 2022), Central Pinklao (12 to 25 Sep 2022) and Central Korat (5 to 18 Oct 2022).

Dr. Nattakit Tangpoonsinthana, Executive Vice President of Marketing for Central Pattana plc, said: “Central Pattana is very pleased to have been working with leading partners in organizing such a great event for customers for six consecutive years. The event has always received great feedback, and this year, we have extended the duration of the event until 18 October 2022 and added the area to ten branches nationwide. THE FARM event originates from the intention to encourage Thai people to look after their health and consume premium quality, fresh, delicious  products at  affordable prices, delivered directly from the farms to consumers without needing middlemen. In addition to helping reduce costs for consumers, the event also helps farmers to add an extra distribution channel to generate cash flow and income for their local areas. This reflects the company's vision in creating better futures through the strategy of ‘Synergy with Communities’, where every Central Pattana project reflects the local essence and distributes income to the community. The event is also a platform to enhance SMEs for entrepreneurs, farmers and those in other professions to gain access to sales space and reach more customers.”


Discover the following highlights of Shopping for freshness from the farm / Serving deliciousness from the farm / Growing happy seeds:

·Shopping for freshness from the farm: enjoy over 1,000 items of fresh and high-quality products from well-known farms nationwide, for example:

-   Chia Tai Farm – bringing fresh fruits and vegetables directly from farms in Kanchanaburi such as Emerald Gem melon, golden sweet melon, Thumbs-up watermelon, Sonya plus watermelon, butternut squash, and miniball pumpkin in addition to ready-to-cook vegetables.     

-   Be Indy Country Farm – an organic egg farm that produce eggs from happy free-range young hens.

-   LED Farm – presenting fresh, organic kale produced from a closed-system farm giving great superfood benefits.

·Serving deliciousness from the farm: enjoy 100 delicious foods and desserts made from carefully selected local ingredients such as:

-   Na Ngua Cocoa – 100% authentic cocoa products from the Na Ngua Community Agriculture Group, Phetchabun province. Available in intense-flavoured iced cocoa drinks, cocoa bars and fresh cocoa beans.

-   Jinta Icecream – Homemade ice-cream with exotic flavours from fruits and traditional Thai dishes such as mango with sweet fish sauce ice-cream, and watermelon with sweet dried fish ice-cream, black sticky rice ice-cream, and Thai coconut pancake ice-cream etc.

-   The Oven Farm – Freshly-baked bread and pastries for health-conscious people with ingredients that are carefully selected and a variety of grain added in the bread or fillings, such as wholewheat buns stuffed with Hom Suwan pineapple.

·Growing happy seeds: discover the first ‘Seed Library’ that gathers together over 200 types of vegetable, fruit and flower seeds as well as growing kits and home garden tools from Chia Tai Home Garden.      



Discover THE FARM 2022, where popular farms nationwide are brought together in the heart of the city. Enjoy fresh farm products from 28 April to 16 November 2022 at ten branches of Central shopping centers nationwide under the highest level of Central: Clean & Confident Safe Plus+ measures to ensure confidence and safety for all of our visitors. Get more information from LINE: @CentralLife or Facebook: Central Pattana.



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