MQDC Follows Mission of “For All Well-Being” with Mental Health Support for Residents in the New Normal

 22 ส.ค. 2563 | 223

• Focus on residential design and services will enhance well-being for MQDC residents.
• MQDC and its partners will offer mental health support through an app, linking with top hospitals.

21 August 2020, Bangkok – Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited (MQDC) has continued its mission of “For All Well-Being” to bring sustainable happiness to all life with “MQDC Mental Health Forum 2020” at FutureTales Lab and on Facebook Live. Held to nurture mental well-being at all ages for sustainable happiness, the forum launched a new service for residents. In a first for the property industry, residents of all ages can receive help with the stresses and challenges of economic and social change in the COVID crisis.

Mr. Keerin Chutumstid, President of the Property & Service Business Group at MQDC, said: “To carry on its mission of ‘For All Well-Being’ to create sustainable happiness for all life, in addition to focusing on the MQDC Standard, including the 30-year warranty for residences, the use of healthy, eco-friendly interior and exterior materials, and caring for external quality of life, MQDC also focuses strongly on the mental health of its residents, so every life at each MQDC project lives with truly sustainable happiness.

“We worked with the Research & Innovation for Sustainability Center (RISC) and the FutureTales Lab by MQDC, a futurology center, to organize ‘ MQDC Mental Health Forum 2020 ’, a brainstorming session with experts to find ways to prevent and mitigate mental health issues and share knowledge with the public.

“Amid the current social changes, we all need to be prepared in all areas of our lives. MQDC has seen and is addressing these challenges. We will soon have "MQDC Mental Health Service" for the residents of every project, raising the standards of service at MQDC projects and showing that MQDC is a brand that enhances life through quality and value rather than just residences.”

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Singh Intrachooto, Chief Advisor to Research & Innovation for Sustainability Center (RISC), said that a built environment to promote good mental health has 7 key factors:
1. Thermal comfort: comfortable conditions in all areas, both inside and outside the building
2. Air quality: reduced air pollution plus good ventilation for freshness
3. Lighting quality: design featuring natural light and appropriate artificial lighting for all activities in life
4. Acoustic quality: soundproofing design that reduces noise from outside 
5. Health & safety: use of materials that ensure safety for all
6. Living with Nature: green areas that connect people with nature and other living beings
7. Life quality: spaces for activities and leisure with the assurance of a 30-year structural warranty for worry-free living

Specialists in mental health jointly summarized various issues at the forum to help people of all ages take care of themselves and their families.

Dr. Waroj Chotipitayasunon, a spokesperson for the Department of Mental Health under the Ministry of Health, presented well-being techniques for children, adolescents, and families. It is important to understand that family characteristics have recently changed in terms of size, function, lifestyle, and the age gap. Children now have different strengths, opportunities, and differences, although they resemble children of past generations in many aspects.

Leading mental health issues today include relationship problems. Problems with online media, studying, and childcare skills affect modern parents. Listening to understand children matters most, teaching through reducing expectations and providing positive reinforcement instead of punishing.

Dr. Jennifer Chavanovanich, a lecturer in Industrial and Organizational Psychology at Chulalongkorn University, said that competitive pressure at work plus technology that keeps people constantly connected can cause stress. Work stress can build up and, unless managed properly, can lead to burnout. The best way to stimulate the workforce is to enable them to recuperate and switch off from work. Problem-focused coping strategies should be applied rather than focusing on emotions. A focus on getting social support can also help prevent burnout.

Dr. Attapon Sukonthaphirom Na Phatthalung, a psychiatrist and lecturer in the Faculty of Medicine at Chulalongkorn University, said that older adults need to appreciate themselves to enjoy well-being. Living life meaningfully has several key elements: care, basic needs, physical health, mental health, relationships, and spiritual well-being. Caregivers must understand and let older adults value themselves by listening, opening up, and providing more creative activities.
Ms. Wipattra Totemchokchaikarn, a Foresight Researcher at FutureTales Lab by MQDC, spoke on the future of mental healthcare in Thailand. A STEEPV analysis found key factors in social conditions and family relationships. Technology will impact through areas such as medical innovations. The environment matters for conditions at home, work, school, and in the city. Economic issues include income and employment. Politics and governance are important for mental well-being policies. Knowledge and understanding of mental health care for people in society can help every sector develop for the future. Because mental well-being is as important as physical health, the well-being of the people will affect the overall overlook for society and the country too."

Mr. Krissayuth Chavavitayatham, MQDC Vice President, said that MQDC is committed to creating a happier living society. The company has always focused on physical and mental well-being. After the COVID-19 epidemic, MQDC looked after its residents’ safety and health and promoted a community of sharing and learning, which continues even during the COVID-19 crisis in Thailand.

"We see the psychological impact of changes, both in economic conditions and society, including climate and the environment. We are therefore preparing to offer special privileges through partnerships to give residents access to mental health services through apps and special packages, conveniently available from leading hospitals."




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