KhunThong social chatbot – a New Breed of Treasurer from KBank – adds new “Scheduled Bill” feature

 22 ส.ค. 2563 | 224

The KhunThong social chatbot – a New Breed of Treasurer, offered by KASIKORNBANK (KBank) – has unveiled a “Scheduled Bill” feature to meet the needs of customers seeking to split bills among their friends or family members. This includes payment for subscription fees of Netflix, Spotify or YouTube Premium, as well as dormitory rent, internet bills or expenses for school or university activities. KhunThong sends a notification upon the due date and collects money from everyone in the group. Aside from issuing a monthly alert notification, the new feature can make payment to any bank. KhunThong is expected to have 600,000 users by year-end.  

The “Scheduled Bill” feature will collect money that is split among friends or family members every month such as subscription fees for Netflix, Spotify or YouTube Premium, as well as rent. This feature helps eliminate pain points such as forgotten or incomplete payment. Upon the due date, users are alerted of the bill payment. Just add LINE@KhunThong, invite KhunThong to the chat group and type “KhunThong” in the chatroom. Then, choose the “Scheduled Bill” menu option to create a bill. Users can select the notification date and time, together with the frequency of collection, period of collection and amount shared by each user. Once the bill comes due, KhunThong will notify those in the chat group and collect funds from all of them. If anyone in the chat group fails to make a payment in a particular month, KhunThong will add that overdue payment to the amount to be collected in the following month, to ensure that the bill creator can collect the full payment amount.    

Those in the chat group who are responsible for making payments can do so easily by linking their K PLUS account with KhunThong and pressing “Payment”, with no need to switch between application screens. They can also use KhunThong to copy the fund recipient’s account number to process a funds transfer via other mobile banking applications without having to write down or memorize that number, and then send an e-slip with a QR code for KhunThong to confirm the payment. 

There are now more than 200,000 KhunThong users, a figure achieved within two months of the official launch of the KhunThong social chatbot in June 2020. Its new feature is expected to help boost the number of users to the target of 600,000 by the end of 2020. KBank is planning to develop a “Multiple Bills” feature, which will be suitable for groups of friends who like to travel and share payment of bills.  KhunThong will help customers add up their bills and collect payment in a single transaction. A “Social Wallet” feature will also be introduced for pooling common funds to achieve a targeted amount. These initiatives serve to emphasize the “KhunThong social chatbot – a New Breed of Treasurer” concept that stands as the number-one helper in financial matters for your groups of LINE friends. 

You can get more information about KhunThong at http://kbank.co./3hjwEta, or call the K-Contact Center at Tel. 02-888-8888 press 815, or text “Ask KhunThong” at the Official LINE Account of Kbank Live. 

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