GLAND set to develop smart city and elevate Thailand’s real estate sector to fully transition to digital era; signs deal with Huawei to develop Smart Digital Township & Intelligent Connectivity with world-class technology

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Bangkok – Grand Canal Land plc (GLAND) and Huawei Technologies (Thailand) Co., Ltd. have signed a memorandum of agreement on a strategic partnership to develop a world-class smart city of the future and elevate Thailand’s real estate sector to transition to the digital era of Thailand 4.0. Under the partnership, GLAND and Huawei will develop smart offices and digital space, creating living and working space of the future, combining the physical and digital worlds and fully connecting ICT and the IOT with the real estate industry. The partnership will pave the way for future collaboration between other affiliated real estate businesses such as retail space, shopping centers, offices, residential properties and hotels nationwide.



Naparat Sriwanvit, CEO of Grand Canal Land plc (GLAND), said: “Thailand is entering the era of a fully-digital society and the country will become a prominent digital hub of the ASEAN region. Under the government’s Thailand 4.0 policy, Thailand will become a strategic market for foreign trade and investment. Under the partnership with Huawei, GLAND will benefit from Huawei’s know-how and expertise, which will help enhance GLAND’s strengths and help create new innovations for GLAND’s future mixed-use projects, such as retail space, shopping centers, offices, residential properties and hotels, and for future projects of GLANDs’ affiliated companies to help build ‘Smart Digital Townships’ that will be technologically advanced and complete. The partnership will help pave the way for strong business growth and help elevate Thailand’s real estate sector to keep up with the fast-changing world.”

GLAND’s land portfolio, the major stake of which is held by Central Pattana, includes The Grand Rama 9, which spans 73 rai, is ideally located in Bangkok’s ‘New CBD’ at the Rama 9-Ratchadapisek intersection, and comprises three office buildings for rent: 1) G Tower; 2) The Ninth Tower; and 3) Unilever House. The office buildings have a combined floor area of more than 145,000 m2. The portfolio also includes the Belle Grand Rama 9 condominium project with 1,991 units in total, which is in the final phase of sale and ownership transfers and has more than 25,000 m2 of retail space for rent in the office building and condominium building. In addition, GLAND also has four land plots spanning 190 rai in total awaiting development, all of which are situated in high-potential locations in Bangkok, ready to support GLAND’s long-term business growth. The land plots comprise 1) an empty land plot in The Grand Rama 9 project; 2) a land plot on Phaholyothin Road (both of which will be developed into mixed-use projects); 3) a land plot in Don Mueang, which will be developed into the Nirati Don Mueang project; and 4) a land plot in the Kamphaengphet area, for which a project development plan is currently being studied.

Dr. Chawapol Jariyawirot President of Huawei Technologies (Thailand) Co., Ltd., said: “Huawei and GLAND have been working closely as partners for a long time – ever since we officially started operating our business in Thailand in 1999. The Huawei Technologies (Thailand) office is located inside the G Tower Grand building, which is an affiliate of GLAND. In addition, Huawei launched its inaugural Huawei Open Lab Bangkok in the same building in 2017 to provide one-stop ICT infrastructure support for enterprises as well as to facilitate Thailand’s drive to become the digital hub of ASEAN. We hope that the partnership between Huawei and GLAND will help enhance the smart transformation of Thailand’s real estate sector, which is in line with Huawei’s mission to facilitate digital transformation and to bring digital technologies to everyone, every home and every organization in order to build a smart Thailand that is fully connected.”



The collaboration with Central Pattana, led by GLAND and Huawei, will help develop an integrated ecosystem through five main components for creating Smart Digital Townships at GLAND’s properties, as follows:

1.   Smart Building: Developing a smart building with world-class technologies that will provide convenience for users in the building and is environmentally friendly.

2.   Smart Asset Management: Managing assets with industry-leading tools and technology including 5G-enabled solutions, ultra-high-speed Wi-Fi 6 Access Points, IoT Modules and smart cameras.

3.   Smart Hospitality and Retail: Providing Fiber Backbone for smart hospitality and retail businesses of the future. 

4.   Smart Campus and Living: Providing building and residential solutions that focus on ensuring safety, including smart car-parking systems.

5.   Intelligent Connectivity: Combining cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI), Video & Imaging Technology and fiber optics and providing cloud storage.



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