NESVITA Introduces Its New Innovation "NESVITA Cereal Drink," the First Ever Ready-to-Drink Cereal Beverage that is Packed with Benefits, Offering a Healthy and Convenient Alternative to Enjoy Anywhere, Anytime

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NESVITA, the world’s leader of cereal beverages, today launched NESVITA Cereal Drink, the first ever UHT cereal beverage in line with the trend of plant-based healthy drinks, to offer a new option for teenage girls and young working adults who engage in a fast-paced lifestyle. This product allows them to relish the good taste and stay healthy with benefits from rice and oat cereals anywhere, anytime while also reaffirming its best-selling No. 1 brand in Thailand’s instant cereal beverage industry.

At present, Thai consumers tend to place great importance on health and environment, as seen in the rapid growth of plant-based food trends and flexible vegetarian diets (Flexitarian) over the past years. According to a survey of Thai consumers' behaviors and lifestyles conducted by Mintel, it was found that 70% of the new generation felt that plant-based products are highly relevant to them. In addition, almost a quarter of consumers in Thailand chose flexitarian diets over the others, 65% of which are considered health enthusiasts. At the same time, there is also another interesting fact that reflects Thai consumption behavior and should not be overlooked. According to a survey conducted by the Thai Health Promotion Foundation, most Thai people still have low fruit and vegetable daily intakes and do not obtain enough dietary fiber. Coupled with a fast-paced lifestyle of the new generation, either due to study or work, this group of consumers prefers products that can fulfill their needs both in terms of health and convenience.



Mr. Chaiyong Sakulborrirug, Business Executive Officer of Dairy, Nestlé (Thai) Co., Ltd., stated that In line with Nestlé's corporate slogan of ‘Good Food, Good Life,’ NESVITA - a cereal beverage brand that has stood by Thai consumers for over 25 years - has always been committed to delivering nutritious products to enhance the quality of life for Thais. With NESVITA's expertise in cereal beverage and its continuous development of product innovations, we see an opportunity to respond to the needs of Thai consumers as well as the potential for market expansion in the instant cereal beverage industry in which we have the largest market share of over 70% and have become the top-of-mind brand in consumer’s hearts. The rollout of NESVITA Cereal Drink marks a breakthrough of the product line into an innovative UHT cereal drink for the first time to offer new alternatives to consumers. It also enhances NESVITA’s portfolio to cover all formats of cereal beverage and helps drive the instant cereal beverage market to expand and thrive even further.”

With a rigorous and innovative product development process, NESVITA Cereal Drink, a plant-based cereal drink in a ready-to-drink UHT format, offers convenience and provides the benefits from natural ingredients like rice and oats. It has a delicious, mellow taste, and signature cereal aroma unique to NESVITA. It is packed with nutritional benefits including rich fiber to stimulate the functioning of the digestive system and is high in vitamin C to help strengthen the immune system. These benefits are also highly relevant to females. One serving contains only 90 kilocalories of energy, with two flavors to choose from: Original Flavor, enticing drinkers with a familiar taste and NESVITA’s unique cereal aroma; and Goji Berry Flavor, brimming with benefits and the refreshing features of the superfruit. Both come with an innovative paper straw that is environmentally friendly. Importantly, the product is certified as a ‘healthier choice’ product as well.

We have invested a total budget of over 100 million baht for product development and a strong launch plan. We have an omnichannel marketing communication to cover both online and offline channels while also aiming to give out more than 400,000 boxes for sample tasting. 7-Eleven will be our key distribution channel in the first phase in order to reach target consumers nationwide. In addition, we have collaborated with Toey - Jarinporn Joonkiat, brand ambassador of NESVITA, who reflects the image of young modern women and health enthusiasts with active lifestyle, to provide inspiration to our target consumers like teenage girls and young working adults.”

 “We strongly believe that NESVITA Cereal Drink will enjoy positive responses from consumers and can certainly become the leader in the UHT cereal beverage market in Thailand. This is because NESVITA Cereal Drink is designed to be an alternative healthy drink for the new generations that are in an active search for a product from a trusted brand that offers convenience, good taste, and instant nutritional benefits, resonating with the growing trend of healthy plant-based consumption in Thailand and the change in consumer lifestyles,” added Mr. Chaiyong.



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