Thailand’s Central World, the global countdown landmark, aka ‘Times Square of Asia’, spotlights ‘message for better futures’ to the world with spectacular fireworks to ring in 2022

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Sending inspirational and positive messages from Thais to the world on the theme of MESSAGE TO THE WORLD, with four powerful and inspirational messages: Protect the Earth, Respect Equality, Stay Resilient and Imagining better futures for all.Enjoy live broadcasts of the biggest moments of the year, with a 7-minute spectacular firework display in the heart of the city and watch virtual 3D on the panOramix screen while a specially re-imagined New Year's Greeting song is performed by the Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra.

  • Discover the MUSIC PHENOMENON of the year from the collaboration of the new generation of artists led by Ice Paris, Billkin, PP Krit, Nont Thanont, Ink Waruntorn, and Three Man Down.
  • Have a day-to-night fun from today – 31 December at centralwOrld until 11PM and Christmas market at centralwOrld’s square until 12AM.
  • Strict compliance with ‘Central: Hygiene & Safety Safe Plus+’ measures and full cooperation with the government's safety measures.

BangkokCentral Pattana plc, Thailand’s leading real estate developer and operator of 36 Central shopping centers, is joining hands with partners including the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd., Suntory PepsiCo Beverage (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and Chang International Co. to create a sensational world-class countdown event in virtual 3D: ‘centralwOrld Bangkok Countdown 2022’ at centralwOrld, Times Square of Asia, to solidify centralwOrld as Thailand’s best entertainment countdown landmark.  

Viewers get to enjoy the spectacular countdown moment to New Year 2022 via live broadcasts from anywhere in the world on Facebook of Central World and other Central shopping centers, Viu Thailand Facebook, ONE 31 Facebook, AIS PLAY, Bangkok Post, Post Today, Khaosod, Thairath online, Prachachat, Matichon online and Workpoint Entertainment from 22.15 onwards.  

You will be dazzled with a 7-minute-long firework display with virtual 3D from the heart of Bangkok while popular artists listed on the top music streaming charts will join together for a live New Year greeting song played by over 80 members of the Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra from the College of Music, Mahidol University.  As a global citizen and the Times Square of Asia, centralwOrld is offering a special highlight of the year as it will be sending a ‘MESSAGE TO THE WORLD’ with inspirational messages for changes in the world: Protect the Earth, Respect Equality, Stay Resilient and Imagining better futures for all through the panOramix@centralwOrld.

Dr. Nattakit Tangpoonsinthana, Executive Vice President of Marketing for Central Pattana plc, said: “On the night of 31 December 2021, the world-class countdown celebrations will return at centralwOrld, ‘Times Square of Asia', under a format adapted to the global situation as a live broadcast-only event while maintaining an atmosphere of fun, confidence and safety.  

We aim for ‘centralwOrld Bangkok Countdown 2022’ to be a symbol of Thailand's year-end and New Year celebrations as a world-class countdown landmark that creates memorable moments of the year similar to other countdown landmarks around the world.  We will end the night of 31 December with the countdown moment of history showcasing a fantastic three-act firework display in addition to ‘MESSAGE TO THE WORLD’ inspirational messages for changes in the world on the panOramix@centralwOrld screen:

Act 1: ‘Power of Positivity’ – showcasing positivity and encouragement from Thais to the world that no matter what situation we face, if everyone joins forces with positivity, we can get through anything together.

Act 2: ‘Harmony of the World’ – showing the unity that help our world to move forward.  We all play an important role cooperating in solidarity, which is the most precious and meaningful thing that helps encourage all mankind on this planet.

Act 3: ‘Forwarding Happiness’ – showcasing what our future will look like.  We all are here to create something better for our future.  Let’s believe in the power of innovation and create sustainable and positive change to the world.  This act also conveys meaning through four important messages that are the 2021's most-talked-about global movements:

  • Protect the Earth – ‘Let's protect the earth, a home of us’: since there is no planet B, we need to create environmental awareness and positive sustainable changes.
  • Respect Equality – ‘Respect human values and equality for all’: in the world of diversity, let’s embrace the beauty of differences and respect equality based on human values.
  • Stay Resilient – "Be resilient and stand up to every crisis’: this conveys that we will stand up to every crisis that we face, no matter how many times we fall, we will rise together to overcome any kind of situation.
  • Imagining better futures for all – Believe in the power of commitment and innovation for a better future for all.

Enjoy the greatest countdown moments on 31 Dec 2021 at ‘centralwOrld Bangkok Countdown 2022’, ‘Times Square of Asia’

Checking in at centralwOrld before countdown moment on 31 December.  Day-to-midnight fun and many highlight activities awaits with strict safety measures.  There will be no road blocks.  Visit ‘The Best Instagrammable Photo Landmarks’ including giant Christmas tree; Christmas Carnival Outdoor Market offering over 300 menus of trended food until 5 Jan 22; The wOrld festival & gift market 2021 with over 200 booths including the first Penfolds Festive Pop-up where you can craft your own bottle on every purchase, the exclusive Swatch’s SNAP Photo Booth at Eden1 until 31 Dec 21; YWCA CHRISTMAS CHARITY BAZAAR 2021 x centralwOrld, the international premium gifts and products from 25 countries around the world at Atrium3 until 2 Jan 22; 7 Days 7 Splendid Entertainment with Christmas Jazz Club with The Julian Cary Quartet at Beacon3 on 31 Dec at 6pm and 7.15pm; Happiness Parade only on 31 December from 12pm-8pm; A Love Letter to Bangkok Animation from Sundae Kids, a well-known Thai artists.


Strict safety measures of 'Central: Hygiene & Safety Safe Plus+' apply with full compliance with the government's policy to ensure everyone's safety.  From 18.00 hrs. onwards, visitors who wish to take photos of/with the Christmas tree and visit the Christmas Market at centralwOrld square are required to pre register and show proof of two vaccinations or more from the ‘Mor Prom’ app and evidence of an ATK test with a negative result of no later than 48 hours or documents of an ATK test from a hospital or institution certified or licensed by the Ministry of Health.  The shopping center has prepared an ATK checkpoint at centralwOrld square (the test costs 100 baht).


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