Central Pattana celebrates Children's Day in ‘Central Kids Day 2022' campaign to create universe of happiness, learning and fun for whole family campaign packed with state-of-the-art digital activities for children in ‘Meta era’ at Central Shopping centers nationwide from 5 to 31 Jan 2022

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  • Continuing to create meaningful moments for everyone in the family with highlighted activities that help to enhance skills and limitless imagination to highlight Central branches as a ‘Destination Landmark’ at every festival.
  • Don’t miss out on centralwOrld playground and TK Park, which will open the world of the future for children; Central Phuket: NFT DIGITAL ART by 11 year-old artist, Ar Na who has made over 300,000 baht in income from NFT art; Central Si Racha: discover illuminated stage lighting interactive; Central Chiangmai: adventure in the world of interactive e-sports from CAMT, try AR-VR with True 5G, enjoy an avatar workshop and Hologram + Thaumatrope; Central WestGate: learn Play Quotient (PQ), Google Earth VR and Virtual Aquarium; Central Pinklao: Have fun with an advanced digital workshop from Air Doodle.

Bangkok – Central Pattana plc’s 35 Central shopping centers nationwide are celebrating Children's Day in the campaign ‘Central Kids Day 2022’ offering unlimited fun spaces to please 'Meta-era' kids. The campaign is packed with state-of-the-art digital activities to open up a world of limitless imagination and will ensure that the whole family can enjoy the fun together while promoting brain development and creativity with activities and workshops. This campaign intends for families to come out to spend quality time together under the safety measures of ‘Central: Clean & Confident Safe Plus+’. Enjoy Children's Day with confidence and safety at 35 branches of Central shopping center nationwide from 5 to 31 January 2022.

Dr. Nattakit Tangpoonsinthana, Executive Vice President of Marketing at Central Pattana plc., said: “We are committed to highlighting our Central shopping centers nationwide as a 'Destination Landmark' for the happiness and celebration of Thai people every year. For Children's Day this year, we encourage all families to come out to join in creative activities together in order to create meaningful moments between family members. Allow your children the opportunity to experiment and learn through various new activities. This will help stimulate children's development and let them learn many skills. This year, Central shopping centers will be transformed into a space of ​​limitless fun to meet the needs of the new generation children, called 'Alpha Generation'. Open a world of learning that will help boost brain development and unleash the imagination including activities where everyone in the family can join in and spend time together on Children's Day. In addition, Central shopping centers are also promoting learning for children's brain development by joining hands with The1 and Krungsri consumer credit cards to launch special promotions for schools and educational institutions in participating Central shopping centers.” Dr. Nattakit said

Special highlights and fun activities at all branches nationwide

Highlights: centralwOrld: 7-9 Jan 2022, be amazed by giant balloons and the centralwOrld playground covering an area of over 300 m2, a variety of fun activities from TK Park, Playmondo, Playsquare, and ClayWorks. Invite the whole family to enjoy TK Park, an educational park that opens up the world of the future for children. Participate in online fun drawing activities from anywhere; Central East Ville: 7-9 Jan 2022, discover ‘Kids Journey in the Butterfly World’ to learn and enjoy nature, enhance creative skills in the world of imagination, create arts and design patterns in addition to painting butterflies using interactive multimedia techniques; Central WestGate:  7-9 Jan 2022, creatively release energy at a smart playground through Play Quotient (PQ), Google Earth VR and Virtual Aquarium; Central Pinklao: 7-9 Jan 2022, open the world of cutting edge digital workshops from Air Doodle; Central Phuket: 8-9 Jan 2022, experience the world of digital for the first time in Phuket with NFT DIGITAL ART by 11 year-old artist Ar-Na, who has made over 300,000 baht in income from NFT art, and join experts who will answer all questions about NFT WORLD (8 Jan); Central Pattaya: 6-9 Jan 2022, enjoy a city of borderless art at ArtVenture, discover a borderless playground where children can paint based on their imagination on an surface area of more over 200 m2 at the Town Square Art Park and Workshop Science; Central Si Racha: 7-9 Jan 2022, meet an illuminated stage of interactive lighting, enjoy the fun from unlimited technology and open the world of imagination with colorful giant balloons; Central Chiangmai: 7-9 Jan 2022, adventure in the world of games with interactive e-sports guidelines from CAMT, try entering the AR-VR world with True 5G, enjoy an avatar workshop and Hologram + Thaumatrope,; Central Suratthani: 7-9 Jan 2022, spur thoughts and dreams and create imagination for children in the digital age, drawing shows from little artists: Hero and Minnie, the owner of the Keziah brand (8 Jan), Ar Na, owner of popular NFT art (9 Jan) and join the Robot Laser Arena by putting on armor to find the source of energy to save the world; Central Ubon Ratchathani: 5-9 Jan 2022, welcome little astronauts, explore the world of monsters, complete challenging missions and enjoy the latest VR games that simulate virtual space. You are invited to join the Family Community Workshop activities every Saturday/Sunday throughout January at Central shopping centers. The workshops include activities such as making lanterns, painting plant plots, creating underwater world flashlights, kaleidoscopes and paper crafts etc.


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ไอคอนสยาม ร่วมกับ ศูนย์บริการโลหิตแห่งชาติ สภากาชาดไทย และกรุงเทพมหานคร เชิญชวนประชาชนร่วมบริจาคโลหิต เพื่อถวายเป็นพระราชกุศลแด่สมเด็จพระบรมราชชนนีพันปีหลวง 

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เมเจอร์ ซีนีเพล็กซ์ กรุ้ป แนะนำ Special Bucket Set คอลเล็คชั่นสุดคิ้วท์ “Powerpuff Girl Bucket Set” และ “Minions Movie Bucket Set”

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3 หนุ่ม “มาร์ค - บุ๋น - ทะเล” ชวนสาวเข้าห้อง ! แบบฟินๆ ในเพลง “In My Room” (อิน มาย รูม)

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