‘Times Square of Asia’ – centralwOrld invests Bht 100 million, preparing to celebrate Thailand’s best entertainment countdown ever in ‘centralwOrld bangkOk cOuntdOwn 2022’, with highest level of safety measures

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  • FIRST-TIME EVER: one and only landmark to send inspirational MESSAGE TO THE WORLD on The PanOramix@centralwOrld, reaffirming centralwOrld as the ‘Times Square of Asia’
  • Be amazed with a spectacular 7-minute-long 3D visual firework display in the heart of Ratchaprasong Square; popular artists will join together for a live New Year greeting song played by 80 members of the Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra
  • MUSIC PHENOMENON: meet with popular artists listed on the top music streaming charts such as Ice Paris, Billkin, PP Krit, Nont Thanont, Ink Waruntorn, Three Man Down, Zom Marie, Getsunova, BOWKYLION, 4EVE and Pixxie and enjoy their performances under high level safety measures. The gate opens at 16.00 hrs. with limited seats – please register in advance!
  • ALL-DAY CELEBRATION: visit one destination and enjoy all types of entertainment activities from morning to night for 7 days 7 nights from 25 Dec 2021 to the countdown night of 31 Dec 2021.
  • Shop and enjoy fun into the New Year with convenient transportation, abundant parking space, no road blocks and more safety with Clean & Confident Safe Plus+, focusing on less congestion, extra screening with a 100% Antigen Test Kit (ATK) policy and full compliance with the government rules.
  • Provincial countdown landmarks are at Central Korat and Pattaya aiming to send encouragement to all Thai people, as well as driving economy, building confidence to attract wolrdwide tourists. The safety measures according to the standards of the Ministry of Public Health are strictly implemented.



Bangkok Central Pattana, operator of 36 Central shopping centers in Thailand and overseas is joining hands with business partners, including The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), Advanced Info Service Plc, Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd, Suntory PepsiCo Beverage (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and Chang International Co., in the countdown celebration event, ‘centralwOrld bangkOk cOuntdOwn 2022’ at centralwOrld, the Times Square of Asia, to highlight its reputation as a true world-class entertainment countdown landmark. The event will bring back the fun atmosphere of the great countdown celebrations that everyone misses. Get ready to experience the Light & Sound Synchronization of the Countdown Moment and a 7-minute-long spectacular 3D visual firework display in the heart of Bangkok together with the new generation of popular, top artists from the music streaming charts to join live in the New Year greeting song played by 80 members of the Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra from the College of Music, Mahidol University and a special highlight of the year.  Watch 2021 Count down moment.  A spectacular firework at Central World – Times Square of Asia click  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=blDSPFjyJtA

Come and join us to spread the happiness and fun around the world through live broadcasts via the following channels: from 20.15 to 00.15 hrs, stay tuned on TV ONE31 and Facebook fan page: centralwOrld and Facebook pages of each branch of central shopping center nationwide, and enjoy a live share via Viu Thailand, Thairath Online, Workpoint Entertainment and Khaosod online from 22.15 to 00.15 hrs.

centralwOrld will be sending a MESSAGE TO THE WORLD’, with inspirational messages through The PanOramix@centralwOrld to people around the world. The event will be held under the highest level of safety measures following Central Clean & Confident Safe Plus+, with full cooperation with the government by focusing on less congestion, and extra screening with 100% ATK tests before entering the event area. The seats are limited and online pre-registration is required following the government measures. Enjoy the live broadcast on the night of 31 Dec 2021 on ONE 31 channel from 22:15 to 00:15 hrs.and via our Facebook fan page: centralwOrld from 20:00 to 00:15 hrs. Central Pattana is also establishing provincial countdown landmarks at Central Korat and Central Pattaya.



Dr. Nattakit Tangpoonsinthana, Executive Vice President of Marketing of Central Pattana Plc., said: “This year, the amazing world-class countdown celebrations full of light and sound that everyone misses will return at centralwOrld, the ‘Times Square of Asia' under a format adapted to the global situation while maintaining an atmosphere of fun, confidence and safety. This will highlight centralwOrld as the ultimate world-class entertainment countdown landmark under the theme of 'Forwarding Happiness' to deliver happiness to people around the world.”

centralwOrld is the only destination that meets the needs of people in all age ranges and genders. This is where you can celebrate from sunrise to sunset whether having a nice family meal, taking photos in front of the tallest giant Christmas tree in Southeast Asia, taking the kids to watch the parade, shopping for New Year gifts, listening to a mini jazz concert, or enjoying art created by the new generation of popular artists. centralwOrld is the answer for all of these activities and deserves its status as the ultimate entertainment countdown landmark of all time. We are also holding countdown events at two more branches, Central Korat and Central Pattaya, establishing the provincial favorite countdown landmarks that bring entertainment and happiness to everyone at the end of the year  with total investment at Bht 100 million for Central World, Korat and Pattaya.” Dr. Nattakit said.



31 Dec 2021, the great countdown event: centralwOrld bangkOk cOuntdOwn 2022 with full-on entertainment from midday to midnight at the Times Square of Asia

  • THE SPECTACLE MUSIC & 3D VISUAL FIREWORK: This is a new celebration countdown that includes the ultimate entertainment in both Light & Sound Synchronization and 3D virtual fireworks synchronized with on-screen text on the Panoramix@centralwOrld,
  • MESSAGE TO THE WORLD: which gathers together 2021's most-talked-about global movements to show people around the world. This aims to put forward positivity and spark inspiration for everyone.
  • Be part of the music phenomenon and enjoy a fun concert featuring ‘New Gen’ artists listed in the top music streaming charts such as Ice Paris, Billkin, PP Krit, Nont Thanont, Ink Waruntorn, Three Man Down, Getsunova and young girl groups such as Zom Marie, BOWKYLION and the up-and-coming rookie artists that are joining in with their cheerful vibe such as 4EVE and Pixxie. Don’t miss the best countdown moments of the year with Light & Sound Synchronization and a 7-minute-long 3D virtual firework display in the heart of Ratchaprasong Square. Popular artists will join together in the live singing of the New Year greeting song played by 80 members of the Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra. Please join us at the Times Square of Asia, a true pride of the Thai people, to send inspirational messages to people around the world through the PanOramix screen.

The true entertainment countdown with ‘All-Day Celebrations’, visit one destination – enjoy all the fun activities from morning to night, 7 days, 7 nights until the year ends

Pin the ten spectacular New Year festival photo spots, which are 'the Best Instagrammable Photo Landmarks' and the 40-meter tallest Christmas tree in Southeast Asia, the Christmas carnival outdoor market and the best Christmas market. Shop and enjoy deliciousness with many well-known restaurants in a winter market atmosphere reflecting an overseas atmosphere. We gather together the deliciousness in the 'New Taste of Happiness' with newly-opened popular restaurants at centralwOrld such as Co-Unlimited, Meat Labo, Santouka Ramen, Tajimaya Shabu, Tonkatsu Wako, Victoria by Cocotte, Pheonix Lava, Unagi Fuku, Bake Works, and discover ‘Christmas Happening’ activities. Be amazed by the wonderful Troop of Light parade, take photos with adorable mascots and the New Normal Santa Clause Live ShOw, centralwOrld Music Heals 2021: Youth Collaboration Music Festival that brings together 'New Gen' artists, Christmas Jazz Club Concert by Kob Saovanit featuring Pomelo Town and view art works from well-known Thai artists: Sundae Kids with their ‘Love Letter to Bangkok The Animation’.



Have fun with confidence thanks to ‘Central: Clean & Confident Safe Plus+’measures with enhanced safety and full cooperation with the government

On 31 Dec 2021, participants are required to proceed with online pre-registration before attending the event. The event focuses on social distancing and strictly limits the number of people entering the area with intensive extra screening of 100% ATK tests. In addition, there is no need to worry about traveling because centralwOrld is located in the heart of the city, convenient to travel to, easy to park, with no road blocks, and is safe and convenient by Skytrain, with only a 10-minute walk to BTS Siam or Chidlom stations – no need to take multi-transportation services and there is also abundant parking space, clean bathrooms, and a high-standard security system. For more registration information, please visit the Facebook fan page: centralwOrld. The activities in front of centralwOrld will start from 20.00 and run to 00.15 hrs. and registration will be open from 16.00 hrs. onwards.


Pinning provincial countdown landmarks at two branches: Central Korat and Central Pattaya

  • Central Pattaya is joining hands with Boonrawd Trading Co., Ltd.  to organize the ‘Beach Food Festival @Central Pattaya’, inviting you to indulge in happiness in a winter atmosphere with delicious food from over 100 popular restaurants, along with a selection of favorite drinks, and enjoy a special concert from popular artists led by Nont Thanont (15 Dec 2021), POWERPAT (19 Dec 2021), POLYCAT (23 Dec 2021), SWEET MULLET (24 Dec 2021), PARADOX (25 Dec 2021), MEYOU (26 Dec 2021), INDIGO (27 Dec 2021), SONGKRAN (28 Dec 2021), TAITOSMITH (29 Dec 2021), SILLY FOOLS (30 Dec 2021), and ZEAL (31 Dec 2021) from 21.00 hrs. onwards – and a number of House Bands. Chill out at Central Pattaya from 17.00 hrs. onwards starting on 9 Dec 2021 and running to 29 Jan 2022 on the Ground floor, Sunken Zone, Central Pattaya.
  • Central Korat is joining hands with Nakhon Ratchasima Provincial Office of the Tourism Authority of Thailand and Suntory PepsiCo Beverage (Thailand) Co., Ltd. to organize the ‘Pepsi Presents Korat Countdown 2022’ year-end celebration and the New Year welcoming festival. This will be the biggest event in Nakhon Ratchasima as we are inviting everyone to enjoy stepping into the New Year under the concept of 'Forwarding Happiness' for Korat people to enjoy endless happiness. Central Korat will go full steam ahead with spectacular celebration fireworks and a great concert from popular artists, led by SERIOUS BACON (25 Dec 2021), Anatomy Rabbit (26 Dec 2021), Saran X K6Y (27 Dec 2021), Yes sir day (28 Dec 2021), Whal & Dolph (29 Dec 2021), Joey Phuwasit (30 Dec 2021), Monik X Wanyai, and NUM KALA (31 Dec 2021) from 24 - 31 December 2021 at the activity square in front of Central Korat.


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ไอคอนสยาม ร่วมกับ ศูนย์บริการโลหิตแห่งชาติ สภากาชาดไทย และกรุงเทพมหานคร เชิญชวนประชาชนร่วมบริจาคโลหิต เพื่อถวายเป็นพระราชกุศลแด่สมเด็จพระบรมราชชนนีพันปีหลวง 

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เมเจอร์ ซีนีเพล็กซ์ กรุ้ป แนะนำ Special Bucket Set คอลเล็คชั่นสุดคิ้วท์ “Powerpuff Girl Bucket Set” และ “Minions Movie Bucket Set”

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3 หนุ่ม “มาร์ค - บุ๋น - ทะเล” ชวนสาวเข้าห้อง ! แบบฟินๆ ในเพลง “In My Room” (อิน มาย รูม)

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