Siam Paragon joins hand with Ministry of Culture Organize “Thai O-Cha”, a huge gathering of signature menus from best restaurants nationwide which will turn Parc Paragon to be foodie heaven from October 22-25

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To support restaurant operators as well as to promote Thai tourism, Siam Paragon and Ministry of Culture’s Department of Cultural Promotion organize “Thai O-Cha”, a food fair where top of Thai restaurants from all regions come gathering. The four-day event which starting from October 22-25 at Siam Paragon’s Parc Paragon will be a marketplace of over 50 restaurants coming up with tradition and authentic Thai food, local food and signature dishes. Among many mouth-watering menus is not to be missed THAI’s deep-fried dough with steamed custard served in special set for this event only. There will also be international food and choices of sumptuous menus from Royal Orchid Dining Experience Restaurant at the fair. The foodie heaven at Siam Paragon is sponsored by Kasikorn Bank (PLC) and WP Energy Public Company Limited.

Thai food marks its world-renowned of delicious with complexity taste, nutritious and also palatable look. With long history and major part of Thai culture handing from generation, Thai food generates income and help promote tourism both local and international. Thai O-Cha event which held to promote wisdom of Thai cooking is divided into four groups of restaurant featuring:

Traditional restaurants with long history of over 100-year-old feature Mee Krob Jeen Li established since King Rama V era which coming up with its tasty mixed crispy rice noodle, a famous ice cream restaurant located at Rachawong area’s Liew Liang Seng presenting steamed rice noodle, Cantonese and Fujian soup mixed with variety of pricey ingredients called “Phra Kradod Kum Phang”, broiled goose leg in clay pot, steamed rice with taro and Chaozhou dishes while Lae Kee serving roasted duck noodle, roasted duck rice, crispy pork rice and spring roll. There will also be Ka Fae Pae Aeuy 100 Years, Kor Kai Crispy Sticky Sweet and Mae Look Jan – the original of sticky rice roasted in bamboo from Nakhon Pathom which aged old 100 years. Those who love mango sticky rice or durian sticky rice can enjoy the mouth-watering desserts at Nam booth while many kinds of Thai sweet treats are waited for those sweet tooth at Nongluck booth – a famous sweet shop from Chachoengsao province. A rare menu of gut beef noodle and gut beef soup from Tee Yoh restaurant also join the event. A long list of original restaurant also includes Saeng Dao Pork Snack, Auntie Maew Savory Leaf Wrap, Sweet and salty vermicelli with coconut milk, Muen Mai Pork Satay with Peanut Sauce, Earsae Coffee of Yaowaraj, Buritara – Tao Tueng Chinese dessert and grass jelly. And last but not least is Ek Teng Phu Ki, an ancient coffee shop serving Thai coffee with sweetened condensed milk, toast and steamed custard. 

Local restaurants include rice in ice water by Mama Lek Sakidjai, Auntie Boom that coming up with young coconut macaroon, Bang Sit Curry selling variety kinds of curry paste, Heng Giant Pan Fried Mussel Pancake, Pannathorn Thai Crispy Pancake, Chuab – a young coconut shop from Ratchaburi and Wang Mai Green Mango with Sweet Fish Sauce. Visitors can also find spicy dishes as boiled cockle serving with spicy dip by Jae Pha (Wongwian Yai) and fermented pork and crisp rice salad by Auntie Sudjai.

Popular restaurants include THAI’s deep-fried dough with steamed custard delivered in special set prepared only for this event. Aroy Lon Fah @ Siam Paragon by Royal Orchid Dining Experience Restaurant also concerns those veggies who abstain from having meat during vegetarian festival by preparing fruit jam dip as well as many kinds of international menus. There will also be Tub Li steamed stuff bun by Jae Li, well-known Chinese restaurant located at Yoawaraj- Jok Toh Diew, Sawang satay pork, grilled meat ball by Jutharos and Paowana- a famous restaurant from Lat Phrao area. Looking for something sweet? Here you can find yummy banana wrapped in sticky rice by Grandma Foo who started her simply delicious dessert from street peddler to Thai snack serving onboard, Thai Crispy Pancake by Auntie Jeed, famous coconut ice cream topped with raw egg yolk from Pratoo Nam area, famed galaxy rainbow as well as two-tone crape popular shared in social media- Crape Phorn, coconut rice pancake Siam, nitro cold brew by Archie Nitro and seasonal fresh fruits ready-to-eat by Gourmet Market.    

The last group is delicious menus by celebrities. Bignuts Cookie by Namfon Pacharin, Oh My Gyo by Boom Supaporn, steamed egg crab by Mick Baromwut, 30 kinds of baked bun by Boom Kitkong, SoYoung soy milk by Wawwa Nicharee and Chiangmai Kitchen x Ployhommade by Palm Instinct.

While enjoy a huge gathering of many selected menus serving by more than 50 top restaurants from all over the country in town, Thai O-Cha food festival will also delivered sense of happiness through beautiful music. Schedules throughout four-day event are: October 22 at 6.30pm - Varunthorn “Ink” Paonil, October 23 at 6.30pm – TheTOYS (Thunwa “Toy” Boonsoongneon), October 24 at 5.30pm – Danupa “Milli” Kanateerahul and at 6.30pm – Yardpirun Poolun and wrapped up with celebrated Eve “Palmy” Pancharoen on October 25 at 6.30pm –   

Come enjoy a wide variety delicious dishes and sweets at Thai O-Cha food festival as well as mini concerts by celebrated singers throughout four-day event which running from October 22-25 at 10am-8pm at Siam Paragon’s Parc Paragon. For more information, call 02-610-8000

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