Central Pattana reaffirms its position as global leader for sustainable business and Thailand’s only real estate firm included in DJSI World for four consecutive years and DJSI Emerging Markets for eight consecutive years

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Central Pattana plc. (CPN), operator of Central shopping centers, has become Thailand’s first and only real estate organization included in Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) for four consecutive years in the DJSI World category and eight consecutive years in DJSI Emerging Markets, reinforcing its position as Thailand’s No.1 real estate business.

Central Pattana is committed to the sustainable and efficient approach to business operation as well as flexibility and readiness to adapt to change and challenges. It has helped drive the country’s economy and support the society during times of crisis with a vision to create good things for a sustainable future for all.

Preecha Ekkunagul, President and CEO of Central Pattana, said, “Central Pattana has always conducted its business with the determination to create good things for a sustainable future for all. We have been taking care of the Thai people for over 40 years and have never stopped with our development. We have continuously invested in new projects, aiming to help drive the country’s economy, create jobs and income, and provide opportunities to entrepreneurs all over the country.”

“In doing so, we adhere to our principle of sustainable business operation and care for all stakeholders, including customers, tenants, shareholders, employees, the community, the society and the environment, in order for all to grow together in a sustainable way,” he said.

Central Pattana has again been selected to be included in DJSI World and DJSI Emerging Markets this year, resulting in streaks of four consecutive years in DJSI World and eight consecutive years in DJSI Emerging Markets.

“All executives and employees of Central Pattana are honored and proud of their parts in the continuous development and care for all stakeholders, which has driven our organization to earn a global recognition,” said Mr. Preecha.



Central Pattana is the Thai real estate firm listed in the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) with the highest corporate value. It is also the first and one to be listed in DJSI World for four consecutive years and in DJSI Emerging Markets for eight consecutive years.

DJSI is an indicator for sustainability of the world’s leading companies and is often used by investors around the world who trust that the DJSI companies can provide good and sustainable returns.

Central Pattana adheres to good governance, focusing on sustainability in three aspects, which are economic, societal and environmental.

1.    Economic Sustainability

The company has continuously invested in new projects and driven the economy and development in various areas around the country, creating business opportunities for entrepreneurs, providing jobs and income, promoting SMEs and local products and increasing sales channels for them.

2.    Societal Sustainability

Central Pattana’s shopping centers are the centers of life for people in all provinces they are situated in. Each of the shopping centers present the local identity in its architectural design and is a venue to showcase local arts and culture. Central shopping centers play a key role in supporting community products and good livelihood of community members.

Central shopping centers, currently implementing the “Central Hygiene & Safety Safe Plus+” measures, have also provided a model for clean and hygienic shopping centers. Central Pattana has applied technology to help increase hygiene, such as the touchless innovation, UV-C sanitizers for shopping bag, the UV-C sanitizing system for air conditioning, and, most recently, the “Smart & Healthy Building” innovation which has upgraded the air conditioning and filtering systems to in shopping centers create better air circulation.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the company has provided over 40,000 square meters of spaces in 23 Central shopping centers to host vaccination centers, which helped hasten the public vaccination programs. It has also joined forces with Central Group and other partners to provide public health supports to various communities.

3.    Environmental Sustainability

Central Pattana is committed to the Journey to Zero project, which aims to reduce greenhouse gas emission, promote alternative energy and support efficient use of resources. Central shopping centers have adopted the solar cell technology, water recycling, waste sorting and environmentally-friendly construction materials to improve energy and environmental sustainability.

Central Pattana currently operates 35 shopping centers (15 in the Greater Bangkok area, 19 in other provinces and one in Malaysia), one shopping center under a  joint venture via Siam Future Development (SF), 17 community malls, 30 food courts, 10 office buildings, two hotels, and 19 residential projects, which are condominiums under the brands ESCENT, ESCENT VILLE, ESCENT PARK VILLE, PHYLL PAHOL 34 and BELLE GRAND RAMA 9, horizontal projects under the brands ESCENT TOWN PHITSANULOK (a townhome project), NINYA KALLAPAPRUEK (a twin-home project), NIYHAM BOROMRATCHACHONNANI (a luxury single-house project), the newly launched single-house brand NIRATI in Chiang Rai and Bang Na. Some of the projects are managed by Grand Canal Land plc. (GLAND) or SF, both of which have Central Pattana is a major shareholder.

The company is moving forward with the development of its new projects in according to its long-term plans, including mixed-use development projects such as CentralPlaza Ayutthaya (to be opened on 30 November 2021), CentralPlaza Chanthaburi (to be opened in mid-2022), and Dusit Central Park in the prime “super core CBD” area in the Bangkok, which is expected to be gradually opened in 2023-2024.


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