Central Pattana to invest Bt1.2bn to revamp Central Rama 2 to become No.1 regional mall in South Bangkok and recreate urban landscape of the area

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  • The revamp is part of a strategic shift of Central Pattana to create a landmark destination in each corner of the city.
  • The whole shopping center will be renovated with new zones and highlights added, making it on part with Central WestGate and Central Ladprao. People of South Bangkok will no longer need to travel into the inner city.
  • In the first phase, there will be a number of visitor magnets including the best food lifestyle destination, the new Tree Chamber zone with world-renowned restaurants, a showcase zone for Instagram brands and lifestyle cafes, the largest Supersports store and the only Central Department Store in the area, a revamped Tops Supermarket, and, for the time, a cloud kitchen at a Central shopping center to support restaurants.
  • The revamp is expected to increase the traffic volume by 30 %



Bangkok - Central Pattana plc., Thailand’s leading real estate developer and operator of centralwOrld, CentralPlaza and CentralFestival shopping centers, Central Phuket and Thailand’s first luxury outlet Central Village, has revealed a plan for the first phase of renovation of Central Rama 2 to increase the traffic volume by 30 percent and reinforce its position as the leader of regional malls in southern areas of Bangkok, following its success in creating Central WestGate as the best super regional mall in the eastern part of the city.

The first phase of the renovation of Central Rama 2 will aim to recreate the mall ambience for the whole shopping center with a focus on urbanized lifestyle to improve the quality of life and exposure of the nature.



There will be numerous new magnets to attract visitors, including Central Department  Store with a unique look, a new Central Food Hall based on the current Tops Supermarket, the biggest Supersports store in the area that will become the sport destination, the best food lifestyle destination in the new Tree Chamber zone with brand-new decoration and world-renowned restaurants, and the Sunshine Market which is a new urban lifestyle market that is home to lifestyle cafes and top Instagram fashions, as well as Instagrammable spots around the shopping center.

Dr. Nattakit Tangpoonsinthana, Executive Vice President of Marketing of Central Pattana Plc., said, “The revamp of Central Rama 2 will be a strategic shift to create a landmark destination in each corner of the city by the company. Central Rama 2 will be No.1 Regional Mall in the southern part of Bangkok with a new mall ambience. It will upgrade the quality of life and connect the shopping center to green spaces seamlessly in order to give a special first impression the moment customers enter the shopping center.”

Central Rama 2 will be the answer to all needs with magnets such as the best food destination, and places for fashion, sports, family and technology and gadgets. In addition, it employs innovation to create the first zero-carbon transportation hub in the southern parts of Bangkok and aims to become the only zero-waste mall in the area with recycling stations.”

The renovated Central Rama 2 will reflect two of the company values, which are positivity to create good things for a better quality of life for all and the concept of community at heart that focuses on sustainable growth via care for the community and environment.”

“South Bangkok is a key location with high potential due to convenient transport connecting different routes to various parts of the country and the growth of middle-level and high-end housing estates and international schools. The revamp of Central Rama 2 will fulfill the diverse lifestyle of people in the area and create a meaningful moment whenever they visit the shopping center. They will no longer need to travel into the city center as Central Rama 2 will be able to cater to all needs, being the best landmark destination of the area,” said Dr. Nattakit.



The renovation of Central Rama 2 aims to elevate the shopping center to become the best in two ways that will inspire the urban living.

  1. The best shopping center that cares for and understand the needs of families and lifestyle of the people of Rama 2 area.
    • It will be the best of retail experiences transformation and a major BU Synergy integration, including Central Department Store which will be the first department store in the area with seamless integration of shopping, Tops Supermarket that will be renovated and turned into Central Food Hall to provide a premium experience for grocery, a Supersports with the largest area that is equal to that of Central WestGate and a new concept store of Sport Stimulation Zone which allows customers to experience new sports. In addition, there will be the only Muji and Greyhound Cafe in the area.
    • It will be the best for its food lifestyle destination and high street lifestyle destination with the new Tree Chamber zone under the shopping boulevard concept. It will be a new landmark with a high ceiling that allows an airy space of over nine meters high, together with water falls and greenery to refresh the mind. It will be home to lifestyle shops and top restaurants such as Haidilao, Mo-Mo-Paradise, Four Seasons, Camin Cuisine & Cafe, Ben cookie, Brew Bar, and Ang Bao. There will be a parking facility with a capacity for 4,000 vehicles. Lastly, a new showcase zone of Sunshine Market will be added to become the new urban lifestyle market for lifestyle cafes and top IG fashion items.
    • For the first time ever in Thailand’s shopping center sector, there will be a cloud kitchen under the Food Automat Business Model to facilitate small businesses to operate businesses and generate income with ease without requiring them to invest in opening physical restaurants. Central Pattana will provide on-top services and facilities such as Chat & Shop, GrabFood delivery, and pickup services. In the first phase, participating restaurants will include Zong Ped Palow, a 30-year-old legendary eatery from Wang Hin that serves duck boiled in spices; Freddie RiceCurry; and La Meow, a Hunan-Sichuan mala restaurant chain. Delivery riders will enjoy friendly parking services, while visiting customers will find different food centers including a food patio and a food court.
    • Central Rama 2 will be the best for family wellbeing and inclusive community. The Little Campus zone is home to educational institutions with the edutainment concept. Kidzoona, The Cloud by Fun Planet and the play area for workshops will enhance the experience of children and families. Central Rama 2 will also be home to the best Fitness First in the area. In addition, it has collaborated with hospital partners to create a community for health-conscious people. In the last phase, expected to be complete in 2022, there will be the largest green space in the area with a total space of over 40 rai, together with shops, a pet zone and recreation areas, all renovated. To ensure inclusivity, a Muslim prayer room will be available. 
  2. Central Rama 2 will the best and, in fact, the only shopping center in the area that cares for the environment.
    • It will be home to the zero-carbon transportation hub in South Bangkok with a smart van station employing clean energy to provide air conditioning, the first of its kind in a shopping center in Thailand. Vans connecting Bangkok with various destinations such as Kanchanaburi, Pattaya and Chonburi can be taken here. The highlight will be a solar cell system that generates 7,500 watts of electricity per hour and 45,000 kilowatts per day, which will be the main source of power for the smart passenger hall, lights and air conditioning. Through an intelligent queue system, customers can check and reserve their spot on a digital screen. There will be vending machines to provide food, snack and drinks and eco-friendly mobile phone battery stations for waiting passengers. Lastly, an art wall map of attractions in nearby communities will help passengers decide their itinerary and generate income for local communities.
    • It will be the Best Zero-Waste Mall in the area. Digital billboards will be used to avoid producing waste from billboard materials. Recycling stations for waste sorting will be installed to help create a better future for the society.



Central Rama 2 has prepared events and activities for customers for the remaining of the year, such as:

    • November 2021 – Launches of famous restaurants such as Ben’s Cookies, Van Hart Coffee, The Alley, Brew Bar, and Ang Bao.
    • December 2021 – Launches of Mo-Mo Paradise and Muji and the Forwarding Happiness campaign to thank customers with happiness at the best shopping center of the area.  

Central Rama 2 as the center of complete urban lifestyle will support even higher quality of life and exposure to the nature after the renovation. It is situated on Rama II Road which connects Bangkok with its outer areas as well as outside the capital. It will be the transportation hub as well as center of life for all modern needs of the people in the area.     



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