AIS teams up with Siam Paragon and TKK to bring Robot Smart Retail, delivering superior experience responding to new way of Retailogy

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AIS joins hands with Siam Paragon and TKK to send an army of intelligent robots, Robot Smart Retail. Delivering service and campaign information, smart robots are of help in minimizing contact between people to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission. This cements the new normal lifestyles and the new way of retailogy by deploying Robot Smart Retail in not only greeting and welcoming shoppers in the shopping center but also escorting the guests to the store precisely and giving campaign information of participating stores perfectly.



Mrs. Siwalee Buranasongkram Head of Brand and Marketing Communication AIS said, “It is well known that AIS has been on the side of Thai people and of full support in recovering from this difficult time and fighting against Covid-19 relentlessly. And after the government has measures to relieve the lockdown, businesses of several sectors are making a continuous comeback. AIS, as a digital leader who always supports Thai people, would like to put our strengths and expertise in action to assure safety together with a superior care experience that essentially meets people's lifestyles and new ways of technology more.

“Leading partners like Siam Paragon, Bangkok’s central shopping mall accommodating a number of circulating customers daily, and TKK Corporation Company Limited, a top robotics supplier, have cooperated in developing robots to operate autonomously using new 5G technology to function and respond to any command. Responding to the new lifestyles, robots are introduced to maintain people’s safety and gain new experiences contributed by 5G technology as part of daily life.”



Mrs.Saruntorn Asaves, Deputy Managing Director of Siam Paragon Development Co., Ltd., said, “After the government has taken measures to ease the lockdown, the shopping centers are now reopening. The Siam Paragon Shopping Center has also prepared the most intensive preventive measures and collaborated with AIS, a digital leader, in bringing the Robot Smart Retail robots by 5G technology to help perform duties at various points in the shopping mall to help reduce the risk for customers and employees responding to social distancing measures. All is to make shopping centers a safe space for everyone as well as provide new digital experiences for users and get ready for an immersive shopping experience created by a new form of technology.”

Ms. Kalayani Kongsomchit, Presisent of TKK Corporation Company Limited, said, “As a leading company in industrial solutions and robotics systems, the development of robots using the latest technology enhances the ability of robots to be intelligent in interacting with people so as to greatly reduce the risk of the spread of Covid 19. A smart Robot Smart Retail GB1 with high performance from AIS will meet the needs of building another level of confidence for service users.”



For anyone who would like to meet our two robots, Robot Smart Retail will start to take care of customers and deliver experiences in a new way of Retailogy and the new normal closely at G floor, North Zone side and M floor at Jewel shop, Siam Paragon Shopping Center. All customers are welcome to join from today onwards.



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