Two major retail brands Tops and Watsons join forces to introduce Watsons products to Tops’ and Central Food Hall’s shelves for the first time

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Modern trade industry is heated up once again as two major retailers in Thailand - Tops, the leading supermarket brand under Central Retail, and Watsons, the #1 leader in health and beauty stores in Thailand, have announced an official partnership to win in the health and beauty market, which is Watsons’ strength and expertise. Together, they will make Watsons’ 200 best-selling products from five popular brands available outside Watsons for the first time, introducing an omnichannel experience starting with 30 branches of Tops market, Tops daily and Central Food Hall, as well as Tops online.



Stephane Coum, CEO of Central Food Retail under Central Retail, talked about this partnership, “It is a significant partnership on the occasion of Tops’ 25th anniversary. This partnership will help strengthen and improve our competitiveness in the health and beauty market. Tops is a leader in supermarkets and Watsons is Thailand’s #1 leader in health and beauty, so this partnership will cater to the ever growing health and beauty trends which have continued to thrive despite the COVID-19 situation. During the pandemic, Thai consumers do not change how they take care of their beauty and health, and in beauty communities, consumers actively exchange their views about personal care products, especially hygiene products, skincare products, hair care products, and body cleaning products. Consumers have adapted their behavior to suit the COVID-19 situation, and as a result, retail businesses have to adapt to the consumers as well.



 “The partnership between the two retailers will leverage Tops' expertise in retail supermarkets, extensive customer database, and omnichannel distribution experience, with both online and offline platforms nationwide, as well as Watsons’ strength in house brands which cover an extensive range of health and beauty products for every need, loved and trusted by consumers for a long time. The partnership with Watsons will help us expand our customer base and fulfil the needs of both Tops’ and Watsons’ customers, as well as add more choices in health and beauty products than ever. We will focus on best sellers, and these products will be available at 30 Tops market, Tops daily, and Central Food Hall branches in Bangkok, Nonthaburi, Pathumthani, Nakhon Pathom, Chonburi, Saraburi, and Surat Thani, online via, via Personal Shopper service on LINE @TopsThailand, and on Grab application under GrabMart. We are confident that these products will be well-received by our customers.”      



Pasitt Munkongkuntivong, Managing Director of Watsons Thailand, said, “Watsons is Thailand’s #1 health and beauty store, and we are committed to offering the best access to the best products to our customers always. Our products meet international standards and have high quality. We do not have any animal testing, and we care about sustainability in every step of the way, from ingredient sourcing to packaging. Our success is confirmed by the sales of our products in 27 markets across Asia and Europe. Watsons is delighted to become a business partner of Tops, which is a major retailer in Thailand. Watsons and Tops share a rather similar target customer group, which is those who take care of themselves, particularly their health and beauty, and seek high quality products. This partnership with Tops will ensure consumers can have better access to Watsons’ high-quality and affordable products anywhere, anytime. This is the first time for Watsons’ products to be available outside our stores. We have chosen more than 200 best-selling items from five widely acknowledged brands, namely Watsons, Arome by Watsons, Bella by Watsons, Naturals by Watsons and Garden of Love, focusing on body care products, followed by hair care, oral care, baby care and accessories. We are confident that this partnership will facilitate our customers to have an easier access to Watsons’ products and make our products known among a wider group of people.” 

Check out Watsons’ products today at 30 branches of Tops market, Tops daily and Central Food Hall,, Personal Shopper service via LINE @TopsThailand and Grab application under GrabMart. For more information, visit, Facebook TopsThailand and Central Food Hall, LINE @TopsThailand and Facebook Watsons.


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