“Tops” and “Central Food Hall” stimulate the mood for shopping during the J Festival with various ready-to-eat vegan dishes and premium vegan ingredients, conveniently accessible via various channels

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“Tops” and “Central Food Hall” under Central Retail welcome the J Festival and invite everyone to refrain from consuming meat to make merit. The J Festival 2021 is organized to meet the needs of modern consumers, with delicious ready-to-eat vegan dishes starting from only 19 baht, and a wide selection of premium vegan ingredients, available on all channels at Tops and Central Food Hall, as well as online at www.tops.co.th or Grab application. Special! Get discount coupons worth 150 baht at LINE @TopsThailand during October 1-14, 2021 to be used for discount on participating vegan items. After the CCSA has relaxed measures further and shortened the curfew period, the J Festival is expected to be vibrant. 



The J Festival is a long-standing tradition. During this period, people refrain from consuming meat to make merit. It is widely adopted by Chinese people, Chinese Thais, health lovers, and modern consumers who tend to eat vegan food more and more. Vegan food has evolved with time, and Tops and Central Food Hall present the J Festival 2021 to invite everyone to make merit and enjoy delicious vegan food. There are strategies to stimulate spending and consumption during the J Festival, which are:



  • Products: Various vegan ingredients are available for consumers to cook at home while working from home. There are special promotions to help them save money, while maintaining high quality and safety of fresh vegetables and fruits so that customers can feel assured. There are also freshly cooked ready-to-eat vegan food for those who do not have time to cook but want to go vegan during this period. The dishes are prepared by Delica Kitchen and include many options of vegan food, vegan dim sum, single dish food from at TASTE with new dishes like Vegan Macaroni Hamburg and Vegan Flat Noodles with Nam Liab, and healthy vegan dishes from Central Eatery like All Green Salad and Japanese Tofu Salad. Tops also offer frozen vegan food such as noodle soup, spicy curry, and vegan abalone with glass noodles, while THE BAKER offers vegan bakery like taro and gingko pie and five-bean bun. Every dish is fresh and clean, made with premium ingredients to make your vegan meals more memorable than ever. 



  • Channels: Customers can shop vegan food conveniently through all channels, stimulating the purchase and consumption of vegan food. They can shop at the store or conveniently online via various platforms like www.tops.co.th, Personal Shopper on LINE @TopsThailand, Grab application through GrabFood, GrabMart and Central Eatery. Wherever you are, you can always enjoy vegan food. 



  • Promotions to indulge shoppers. Get free discount coupons worth 150 baht in total at LINE @TopsThailand. The discount coupons can be used when purchasing participating vegan items at Tops daily and Central Food Hall. FamilyMart customers can enjoy value duo items at 39 baht such as vegan Chinese noodles or vegan khua kling with 550ml Namthip drinking water, or 120g Tops Fried Tofu with 200ml Unif fruit juice. There are also super value sets at only 100 baht for three items, such as participating Tops vegan food, and a pack of Tofusan Organic Soy Milk Low Sugar 180 ml x 4.  In partnership with the Department of Internal Trade, affordable vegan dishes will be available starting from 19 baht, such as Fong Fong soy milk, Chinese-Styled Fried Noodle.

In addition to vegan ingredients and ready-to-eat vegan dishes, there are also sweet and savory dishes from famous eateries for you to enjoy at “J Festival” at 33 participating Tops market and Central Food Hall locations during October 5-14, 2021, such as vegan shabu and vegan chicken rice from Talalask, vegan fish maw soup from Hia Ngee Yaowarat, Suan Lum tao huay and soy milk, vegan Chinese buns from Racha Salapao, vegan dishes from Hua Seng Hong, Sawasdee fried tofu, Rachawat chive cakes, and Khun Yai Phongsi Thai desserts. 

For more details, visit www.tops.co.th, Facebook TopsThailand, Central Food Hall, FamilyMart Thailand or LINE @TopsThailand and @FamilyMart Thailand


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