Central Village, a world-class brand name outlet shopping destination, reaffirms its consistent success proven by customers traffic and sales soared while celebrates its 2nd anniversary with discounts of up to 90% and on-top discounts of up to 50%

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BangkokCentral Village, a joint venture between Central Pattana plc and Mitsubishi Estate Asia, a subsidiary of global real estate Mitsubishi Estate Co., reaffirms its position as no.1 Thailand’s first luxury outlet and a world-class brand name shopping destination.  ‘Central Village 2nd Anniversary Celebration’ was held to double the happiness with the greatest deal ever – daily discounts of up to 90%, additional ‘on-top’ discounts of up to 50%.  Central Village has received such overwhelming feedback from shoppers.  During the first week of September, a customer traffic soars to 83% with the spending per customer increasing by 20% at its premises when compared to the period before lockdown.  It has become no.1 in ‘Luxury Outlet Chat & Shop’ as well as gained more online shoppers through its intensive omnichannel strategy, proven by over 12 million baht in sales in three months (June-August 2021). 

Central Village win the hearts of its customers since the opening in 2019 and attracts brand-name lovers all-year-round and with its great outdoor shopping atmosphere similar to popular shopping outlets abroad, its great location only 30 minutes from the central business district (CBD) and its great deals with daily discounts of up to 90% and additional on-top discounts with the best promotions for each season fulfilling the needs of modern shoppers who ensure they get best-value products, whether they shop with confidence at physical stores under ‘Central’s Hygiene and Safe Plus+’ measures or shop online via ‘Luxury Outlet Chat & Shop’ on LINE OA: @CentralVillage, or Facebook: Central Village. These offer great convenience – as if Central Village were right at your doorstep.



Dr. Nattakit Tangpoonsinthana, Executive Vice President of Marketing for Central Pattana plc, said: “It has been two years since the opening of Central Village; we have moved forward through every crisis and during the Covid-19 pandemic, we are committed to developing and standing alongside our partner stores.  We've adjusted our marketing plans to help boost sales – which have always received great feedback and won the hearts of shoppers.  Central Village is filled with products and services covering every need as a world-class destination for brand name shopping and reflects our leadership in the industry as Thailand's first luxury outlet.

Five success formula that have made Central Village won the hearts of its customers since opening:

1.  Welcome Back to Central Village!  After the government has eased lockdown restrictions, a customer traffic soars to 83% with the spending amount per capita increasing by 20% when compared to the period before lockdown – and is likely to improve continuously.  This shows that customers are longing for a physical store shopping experience.

2. Continuing with more promotions at ‘Central Village 2nd Anniversary Celebration’ campaign to double the happiness.  The campaign offers discounts of up to 90%, ‘on-top’ discounts of up to 50% and additional promotions from participating credit cards from today until 3 October 2021.  This is to attract shopping lovers and spur sales, both physical store and online purchases, with best-value outlet products.  Central Village has launched promotion campaigns throughout the year and always received great feedback from shoppers.  Previous successful campaigns included Super Brand Grand Sale, Central Village 1st Anniversary, Jim Thompson Clearance Sale, and Year End Sale.

  • The ‘Central Village 2nd Anniversary Celebration’ campaign is to double the happiness from today until 3 October 2021.  Many leading brands with exclusive stores only at Central Village are offering discounts of up to 90%*, with ‘on-top’ discounts of 50% to celebrate the anniversary*.  Adidas – up to 70% discounts and exclusive offers for customers whose birthday is in September, get additional discounts of 20%*.  For The1 members, receive an additional discount of 300 baht when spending 3,000 baht.  Coach – up to 80% discounts and additional discounts of up to 30% when buying four items.  Michael Kors – up to 70% discounts and ‘one price’ products at 1,490 baht.  Kate Spade – up to 80% discounts, with an additional 20% discount for participating items and get a free small wristlet bag when spending 18,000 baht.  Polo Ralph Lauren – up to 80% discounts and get a 900-baht discount when spending 5,000 baht.  Outlet by Club 21 – up to 90% discounts and additional discounts of up to 20% when buying four items.  Coccinelle – up to 80% discounts and additional discounts of up to 50% when buying two participating items.  Radley London ­­– up to 70% discounts, and additional discounts of 19% when purchasing products with 50% off.  Keds – up to 70% discounts and additional discounts of 20% when buying two pairs, get an additional 200-baht discount when spending 2,000 baht and get a free pair of shoes when spending 3,000 baht.  G2000 – up to 70% discounts when purchasing two items and get an 80% discount when purchasing three items.  Jim Thompson – up to 80% discounts and enjoy additional discounts of 50% when purchasing four items.
  • Exclusive! For customers whose birthday is in September, get a VIP one-day pass for the executive lounge; get a free PASAYA Fabric Mask when spending 8,000 baht; get a 300 baht cash voucher when spending 35,000 baht; get a 600 baht cash voucher when spending 35,000 baht (only for Saturday and Sunday); the first two top spenders with an accumulated spending amount of 500,000 baht during the campaign, get a yacht trip package (Siamese Cat half-day trip) with a two-night stay at the Hilton Pattaya and enjoy a promotional cash rebate of up to 15% from participating credit cards.

3. As no.1 in ‘Luxury Outlet Chat & Shop’, Central Village reaches the top performance with its landslide sales, proven by over 12 million baht in sales in three months.  Central Village has gained more online shoppers during this ‘shop from anywhere’ era.  Shoppers can easily make an order via their fingertips through the intensive omnichannel, ‘Chat & Shop - Home Delivery - Drive Thru Pick Up’ by adding the LINE OA: @CentralVillage https://lin.ee/vwF2C3l.  Admin staffs are at your service daily from 11:00 to 18:00 hrs. or shop through Facebook Live on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 16:00 to 18:00 hrs. and get the products delivered to your door – as if we were bringing Central Village to your home.  During the recent lockdown period, sales through our online platforms grew by more than 12 million baht in three months and are likely to improve continuously.  This highlights Central Village as no.1 in Luxury Outlet Chat & Shop.  We have received great feedback from Thai shoppers throughout the country in addition to shoppers from neighboring countries as CLMV (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam) and Malaysia.

4. Think of a top-value brand name shopping destination, think of Central Village! 

  • Great location: only 30 minutes from the CBD.
  • Great atmosphere: with Thai modern architecture and design, and an airy outdoor atmosphere, Central Village creates a shopping vibe similar to popular shopping outlets abroad.
  • Great deals: with everyday discounts and perfect for both buying for personal use and buying to sell as there are over 220 international and Thai brands in over 130 stores – the majority being Thailand’s first time outlet shops and over 67 brands have chosen to open their exclusive outlet stores only at Central Village.  Those stores are such as Chloé, Coach, Ermenegildo Zegna, Jimmy Choo, Kate Spade, Kenzo, Marimekko, Max & Co, MCQ, Michael Kors, Moschino, Outlet by Club21, Polo Ralph Lauren, Salvatore Ferragamo, Tommy Hilfiger, Valentino, Victoria's Secret, Vivienne Westwood, Bath & Body Works, Coccinelle, Jim Thompson and other world-famous luxury brands that will be later added to increase the variety of products and services.  This will fulfil every dimension of shopping for world-class brand name products at discounted prices daily throughout the year.

Central Village fulfils the needs of ‘Bargain Shoppers’ and ‘Young Affluents’, who ensure they get great value high-quality products for half of their original prices.  We know our customers very well based on the lifestyle insights from The1 database.  We analyze their needs and behavior in various situations so that we can properly adjust the strategies to align with their needs.  The trend of outlet shopping, especially during the pandemic, will become the best shopping platform because of the valued price and the additional ‘on-top’ discounts during each season, which are suitable for the more cautious spending habits of Thai people during a crisis.

5. Shopping with confident under the highest level of safety of COVID-FREE shopping center, with ‘Central’s Hygiene and Safe Plus+’ measures.  Customers who visit Central Village can be reassured of our highest standards of cleanliness, which are in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Public Health.  We focus on maintaining social distancing, providing our staff with vaccinations, 100% ATK screening (and weekly screening afterward), systematic quarantine, ensuring cleanliness and safety at all times.  We have received good cooperation from both shop tenants and employees.  Businesses and staff are ready to cooperate and fully comply with measures such as shop assessment through ‘Thai Stop Covid Plus’, and staff self-assessment through ‘Thai Save Thai’ daily, to strengthen the confidence of visitors.  Central Village also asks for cooperation from all customers to voluntarily create a clean and safe environment together such as getting the vaccine and taking ATK tests in order to ensure that Central Village will be the safest area for everyone.

Central Village under the concept of Bangkok Luxury Outlet is open daily from 11.00 to 20.00 hrs. Starbucks is open from 09.00 to 20.00 hrs. Tops Market is open from 08.00 to 20.00 hrs. For updates and additional information, please visit our website at: http://www.centralvillagebangkok.com, LINE: @centralvillage, Facebook: Central Village, or Instagram: centralvillagebangkok


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