Betagro Redefines Procurement and Builds Resilience with SAP

 31 ส.ค. 2564 | 90

  • Building on 13 years of strategic partnership with SAP, Betagro further transforms procurement with its renewal of SAP® Ariba® solutions.
  • The spend management solutions will help Betagro reimagine its procurement function and drive collaboration and innovation among suppliers.

Bangkok, 30 August, 2021 SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) today announced that  Betagro Group, one of Thailand's largest agro-industrial and food companies, has renewed its investment in SAP® Ariba® solutions to further digitalize its end-to-end procurement processes and optimize its spend management to effectively take on future disruptions.

Founded in 1967, Betagro Group has been a staple in Thailand’s development for more than 50 years and is planning to expand its business across the Southeast Asian region. For Betagro, procurement becomes a strategic function that can drive value and set a foundation for future growth of the company.

Betagro’s business transformation in partnership with SAP began in 2008. “Successful adoption requires much more than technology. Strategic partnership is key to helping us holistically transform our business into an intelligent enterprise,” Dr. Thanomvong Taepaisithphongse, Chief Administrative Officer, Betagro Group, said. “Since 2008, we have adopted SAP Ariba solutions for sourcing, contracts, catalogs, supplier information management and supplier collaboration. As a result, Betagro has made better sourcing decisions with spend analysis insights and has found alternative sources of supply on a single network. Just last year we achieved over 200 sourcing events with more than 300 contracts created digitally via Ariba Network, the largest digital business network in the world.”

By renewing the SAP Ariba Strategic Sourcing Suite and by leveraging additional SAP Ariba solutions for Strategic Sourcing ,  Buying, Supplier Lifecycle and Performance, and Commerce Automation across its operations, Betagro aims to further increase procurement efficiencies while providing a positive experience for its staff and suppliers across Thailand, Cambodia, Lao PDR and Myanmar.

COVID-19 has illustrated the power of intelligent innovation across Betagro’s procurement operations. The Guided Buying capability within the SAP Ariba Buying solution gives Betagro users a simple buying experience to purchase indirect goods and services in or out of the office. “With Guided Buying, my employees can buy what they need on a mobile device from our preferred suppliers at negotiated prices and in compliance with corporate purchasing policies. Supplier collaboration is better managed and more efficient with digital purchase orders and invoices. This has helped Betagro achieve process efficiencies and cost savings from automation, standardization and improved collaboration with our suppliers,” Dr. Thanomvong shared. 

“Our recent renewal investment in SAP Ariba solutions is a result of the successful strategic partnership cultivated throughout the years with SAP,” Dr. Thanomvong added. “Now that we have optimized our spend on indirect materials, we plan to utilize SAP Ariba solutions to help manage our spend on direct materials too. This will help Betagro optimize our inventory, raw material costs and manufacturing efficiency.”

Atul Tuli, Managing Director of SAP Indochina, said: “We are seeing an increasing demand from our customers for the automation of procurement processes and the consolidation of supply chain management. COVID-19 has underscored the urgent need for every company to become an intelligent enterprise and the most resilient companies were those that embraced technology to transform their business processes. Betagro’s renewed investment in SAP Ariba solutions will extend the benefits to its growing network of suppliers. By fostering stronger relationships with its business partners, Betagro can provide more value for its customers too.”

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