TAP Group Launches “TAP Skill Bus” Project an Education Roadshow to Cultivate on Sustainable Environmental Conservation and Promoting Health & Safety as Part of its “Brew a Better World” Ambition

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TAP Group is committed to continuing its betterment initiative “TAP Skill Bus” to empower new generation nearby the brewery. The project gets underway with an educational roadshow seeking to promote sustainable environmental consciousness, including health and safety among elementary and high school students in Sai Noi District, Nonthaburi province. Such as Wat Plai Klong Khun Sri SchoolRatniyom School, and Chumchon Wat Rat Niyom School. TAP Group aims to encourage new generation to concern and care for the environment and how to keep themselves from road safety in their daily life. TAP Group is confident that the project will help create a quality of life guided by the “Brew a Better World” ambition that keeps continuing for 25 years.

Ms. Sujanya Sethanandha, Corporate Communication and Sustainability Manager of TAP Group, said: “TAP Group believes that having a good quality of life starts from the basics and by cultivate a good consciousness to the new generation, to grow as a quality people of society. These are the idea behind the “TAP Skill Bus” project, which we have brought up the knowledge under Heineken global sustainability strategy, “Brew a Better World”, such as Protecting Water Resources, Reducing CO2 Emissions, and Promoting Health & Safety. To educate with the new generation nearby our brewery, so they would be able to apply in their daily life and sharing this value knowledge to their families and neighbors.”

The activities under “TAP Skill Bus” consist of 3 main topics that relate to daily life such as:

1.   Protecting Water Resources: Starting from water production process, factors that caused wastewater, Wastewater production rate of one person is equivalent to 126 bottles of water per day, methods for handling or treating wastewater, including ways to use water wisely.

2.   Reducing CO2 Emissions: Reiterating the factors that caused global warming which is the main issue that our world is facing nowadays. The effects from global warming, and how to reduce the occurrence of global warming in our daily life.  

3.  Promoting Health & Safety: Emphasize the road safety concerns and knowledges that new generation could apply in their daily life. Such as how to behave while walking on the streets, crossing the road, and reminds on the safety signs that are useful and practical in daily life.

“For next year, we aim to continue the “TAP Skill Bus” project, as we believe that these valuable knowledges could help cultivate the new generation to be more responsible to the environment and society. In addition, to be part of helping the new generation to grow up as a quality adult. They would also be able to help develop our society and community for the better future”, Ms. Sujanya added.


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