Central Pattana celebrates gender diversity, reaffirms its position as organisation that provides equal opportunities to all genders

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Central Pattana plc., operator of 33 shopping centers across Thailand, including centralwOrld, CentralPlaza, CentralFestival, Central Phuket, and Thailand’s first luxury outlet Central Village, shows its support for gender diversity and reaffirms its position as an organisation that provides equal opportunities for all genders as it values individual performance over ethnicity, race, skin color, religion, gender, language and other characteristics, under its sustainable development approach.

Central Pattana has been an organisation that promotes gender equality and diversity and has been part of the movement to create a society where all individuals are equal regardless of their gender. The company believes that a person’s value is measured by their performance and not by characteristics such as gender.

Central Pattana has dedicated The Panoramix screen, other areas and media channels within its shopping centers to creating awareness of gender diversity and celebrating gender diversity as beauty of life, while striving to provide the best experience to everyone with a commitment to create a positive force for the communities as well as the country as a whole.

With over 5,000 employees across the country, the company firmly believes that each person possesses an equal human dignity and value and, therefore, must be given equal respect and rights in all activities of the company. Central Pattana encourages all of its board members, executives and employees to help promote corporate values and culture with regards to human rights.

At the management level, Central Pattana has roughly equal proportions of men and women. The company is also open to all genders in recruitment and is ready to help all employees develop themselves and achieve a better livelihood. It has pushed its head office and all shopping centers to implement the corporate gender diversity policy in a tangible way, in order to create an organisation that is inclusive and attractive to all individuals.

centralwOrld is also collaborating with 11 of the world and Thailand’s leading brands, namely Adidas Pride collection @ Atmos, calvin klein, Carnival, Fossil, Guess, Levi’s, POLO Ralph Lauren, pronto, Smileyhound, Soda and Swatch, to promote seasonal collections raising awareness of gender diversity.

The company has adopted Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and applied them to the operation of its businesses, emphasising on interconnectivity and consideration for all stakeholders in order to create a better and more sustainable society for everyone. Central Pattana strives to be the sustainable development model for the private sector by integrating sustainability with its business strategy and is looking to work with all parties to achieve this objective.

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