Successful 1stDay for Vaccination Center at Central Pinklao, speeding up Thailand's building herd immunity process - as Central Shopping Centers nationwide are delegated as communities' vaccination sites

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Central Pinklaotoday officially opens the Central Pinklao-Vajira Hospital COVID-19 vaccination center with a visit and venue inspection from Bangkok Governor Pol Gen Aswin Kwanmuang.The vaccination center at Central Pinklaowill first be used to provide vaccination to medical staff, frontline officials, volunteers and registered individuals in high-risk occupational groups. In the next step, it will service the public.For more information, visit:

Central Pinklao is the seventh of Central shopping centers which was selected as a vaccination center, with its readiness and efficient management, by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), the Disease Control Committee under the BMA, and the Thai Chamber of Commerce, under the roadmap created by the private sector’s vaccination and vaccine distribution team led by Central Group, Central Pattana, Central Retail, and their partners including AIS and Centara.

According to the roadmap, Central shopping centers will be used as vaccination centers under the strict master plan of‘Central’s Hygiene & Safety’ to ensure public safety and cleanliness, good ventilation, crowd density control, and 100% social distancing management.

Central has become a key leader in mass vaccination as it has hostedprovincial vaccination centers at a number of itsshopping centers, including Central Lardprao, which is Bangkok’sfirst shopping center to host a vaccination center, Central Rayong, Central Samui, Central Mahachai, Central Korat, and Central Phuket.

Central Pinklao, in particular, was widely cited in the global media as the ‘Role Model of Social Distancing System’ in response to the outbreakthat began in early 2020.

Central Pattanahas joined forces with the government in fighting the pandemic and has offered spaces at its shopping centers as provincial vaccination centers to urgently administer vaccination for registered individuals. In addition, it has provided equipment and computers and coordinated with volunteers to support medical and public health personnel.

Central is looking to expand the success at its shopping centers to other sectors in the society in order to help create the herd immunity for Thailand and help the country move forward as soon as possible.

At Central Pinklao, preparations have been made in the following areas:

Spacious venue:An area on the fifth level will be used to host the vaccination center with systematic social distancing management and a capacity to service up to 1,000 individuals per day. Staff and volunteers:About 60-100 staff members and volunteers, all of whom have been vaccinated, are ready to assist the vaccination.Transportation hub:The vaccination center is accessible to commuters from the MRTBlue Line and a number of public bus routes.Service time:The vaccination center will be in operation from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm every day, while other parts of the shopping center will be open from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm on Mondays to Thursdays, from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm on Fridays, from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm on Saturdays and public holidays, and 10:00 am to 8:00 pm on Sundays.Proactive and strict health and safety measures:Under ‘Central’s Hygiene & Safety’master plan, there will be five core measures to ensure public safety and confidence, which are 1) extra screening, 2) strict social distancing measures in all areas and crowd density control, 3) safety tracking measures, 4) deep cleaning with attention to all surface areas, and 5) focus on providing touchless experience.

Central Pattana is offering its ‘Central’s Hygiene & Safety’ master plan as the model for public health for other sectors in the society. Central is one of the first in the private sector and the first shopping center business to respond to the call for vaccination venues.

With its ability to implement public safety and health measures, a number of Central shopping centers have been turned into provincial vaccination centers, including Central Rayong on 21 April, Central Samui on 23-27 April, and recently, Central Phuket, where over 85% of employees and shop workers had received the second vaccine injections by mid May 2021, effectively becoming the first shopping center in Thailand with a herd immunity.

As of now, 19 Central shopping centers, namely Central World, Central Lardprao, Central Pinklao, Central WestGate, Central Phuket, Central Korat, Central Mahachai, Central Rayong, Central Samui, Central Suratthani, Central Hatyai, Central Ubonratchathani, Central Udonthani, Central Khonkaen, Central Bangna, Central Chiangmai, CentralChiangmai Airport, Central Chiangraiand Central Lampang, have been selected as vaccination centers.

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